Is White Widow Ready to chop?

2nd grow. ww fem. Lost track of time but seeds were dropped mid April. I let them stay in veg for a longer time this go around. Indoors.

Thanks for any input!

No still weeks out. Too many white pistils. Get a jewellers loop and watch the trichs for milky to slight amber color but definitely way too many white pistils


trichomes rule harvest date


Still a ways to go. Weeks.

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Thanks for the replies. The buds are getting really fat!


Like 80 to 90 percent of the pistils will b orangish. Thats when id start really watching the trichs for the milky amber hue. If trichs are milky and pistils are orange for most part id start flushing then because the end is near. Wish u the best on her.

About how long in weeks from when the buds start to form to harvest, a rough time .

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Hey Guys, i face a similar question also 2nd grow…I suspect mine are ready to harvest?

Still has some time, watch for 85% of the pistils are brown.


I agree. You still have a while.

This is always the hardest point in the grow for me. Those pistols take FOREVER to change. Patience is the key right now.


I agree thanks. What you reckon are we talking weeks or days? I see from some research the bud needs to almost look like its dying off would you agree??. I do have a jeweller’s glass to see those trichomes but even that is tricky.

4 weeks minimum.


It don’t look like it’s there yet to me.

I’m going to say right around 50 days.

1-2 weeks here?