Is she ready to harvest? Please help

Hey Buddies,

I’m a first time grower and I have white widow planted on Oct 10th (currently day 80/week 12) growing in coco coir in a 5 gallon pot. I keep her housed in a 3x3 ac infinity tent. I’m alittle unsure if right now is the best time to harvest her. I’ve tried using the jeweler’s loupe but I’m honestly having trouble seeing the trichomes clearly enough to tell if they are clear or milky. Any advice is welcomed and thank you in advance.


With out looking at trichomes, the pistils indicate that she’s just about ready if trichome color matches what you’re aiming for. They should be mostly cloudy at this point.
All of your pistils are 90% brown, and she doesn’t look like she’s going to spit out any more.


I agree with what @Covertgrower said. Zooming in on your pics it looks dull, not shiny. Makes me think the trichs are cloudy at least.


Hopefully these pics are better quality…I didn’t zoom in but I did take them with flash. Thanks for your input


IMO its time. I could see what looks like some amber shade in the bottom picture.


I would say no. they could build up a lot more IMO. Basically when i think my plants are ready for chopping i give them another 2 weeks. Don’t be impatient. You should get a loupe so you can see the Trichs.another good indication is when your leaves all start to turn yellow and are falling off because the plant has stopped feeding off the soil and starts feeding off of itself.


Took your advice and gave it more time and invested in a great microscope to view my trichomes better! Thanks!


Looks good! I would not feed it anymore. Just plain ph’d water to flush the nutrients out for a week or so. You can tell if the plant is clean by squeezing the juice from a leaf stem into your mouth. If it’s bitter then flush for another couple of days. If it has no bitterness and just tastes like water, she’s ready.

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