How can i accelerate the flower to harvest

Hi all,

I have had a great grow going on and have been running 12/12. im about 3 weeks into flower, but there are still a lot of white stems and seems like my flowers could gain much more size, but one problem… BUGS.

I have begun seeing spider mites, I installed a fan to blow directly on the plant, but now I want to get the flower over with and harvest.

If i turn down the light, or even cut the lights out, will that accelerate the flower?

How about putting a skewer through the stem?

I want to preserve what good bud I have on there and not have it get ruined. Thank you

You can’t speed up the flowering process. Here is an active thread on removing the mites instead.


You should be early enough to treat then without affecting ur harvest

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So i should continue the 12/12?

As opposed to what? If you’re 3 weeks into flower then definitely stay with 12/12. Mites don’t care what light schedule you’re on.


As opposed to a lower light cycle to flower them sooner.

I dont need advice on mites and I knew that would throw everyone off here.

Here they are


Nice plant if you’re only 3 weeks into flower you still have a good ways to go I would stick with the 12 12 light schedule. If you haven’t already I would check the runoff they almost look like a little hungry. Good luck getting finished up.

I have a fan blowing on them which does a great job of keeping the mites down, but it dries out the plants.

I just gave them some nutes and water, lets see what happens.

thanks everyone

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Nice looking plant! She looks really far along for only 3 weeks of flower


yeah. im most definitely wrong about 3 weeks. I havent been counting it just felt that way. maybe 5? haha

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Sounds more

Salutations Bobbydigital,

Maybe we can:


What if a scedule were no longer based on the standard 24 hours cycle?..

That still won’t suffice to eliminate the threat of an infestation but i figure its risk might end up being reduced proportionately.

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:

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I’ve read that leaving ripening bananas in the grow room can accelerate the maturation process for cannabis due to its ethylene gas output. Anecdotal evidence supports faster finishing times but at the expense of yield.

Also seems likely to attract bugs, which in your specific scenario would be counterproductive.

Sources were on other forums, but some creative google use should get ya there.


exactly what I was looking for. i figured it would be at the expense of yield. Do you see how great of a question it is?

What brought this to mind is how some people cut the lights completely in the last couple of days before harvest and the plants ended up with more trichomes.

I put my lights to 11/13 for shits…


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To make your plants mature faster, you actually need to increase your ppfd during lights on. It won’t cause exponential growth, but more intense light is what causes pot plants to grow faster.

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Cool. I will turn the lights up

Salutations Amosmoses,

It’s a vast topic indeed and i like the referal to a phyto-hormone as ethylene, though i’d certainly hope there are other ways to get its concentration level raised using some different plant than cannabis males. Or just get rid of regular day-length considerations by switching to autofem dwarfs… In any case please keep in mind i have no comparative study completed with duplicated results to make further statements in favour or against similar ideas. Lets make sure everyone understands i’ve only expressed a theory which remains to be revified, for all i can tell.

Nonetheless the span left to explorations seems large all right, otherwise we’d know all about this already. or maybe not: after all standard timers only support 24 h cycles, who wants one with non-standard days?..


Relatively to yields, having The Borg around i’d fear it shall become some moot concern if no succesful remedy is applied fast; it won’t be long before the damage ain’t recoverable, what gets lost now is gone forever i’m afraid. A gain of 1 hour per day won’t slow down an invasion, resistance is futile!!

And it’s not just the spider mites, they lay eggs before going into diapause, e.g. on top of mutating frequently…

It’s the kind of battle in which i failed after being assimilated! Though i vaguely recall that lowering temperature may temper their progression, at least that’s how it felt.

Act quick, good luck! :mask:

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Stick with regular light cycles. No reason to try to re-invent a wheel that doesn’t need re-inventing. Weed takes time to grow. You’re just going to have to accept that.

Also, you can grow autos that aren’t dwarf plants. I grow solely autos. Dwarves are not part of my grow.

For bugs this late in bloom, there’s a spray. I want to say spinosad? @budbrother or @elheffe702 , do you know the name?


That name sounds right. I don’t think it’s okay past a few weeks in, though. Not sure.


Captain Jacks (Spinosad) and AzaMax can be used during early flowering. AzaMax says it can be used up to 2 wks before harvest, but I’ve never gone past wk3 flowering. Best bet is a crap load of lady bugs mid-late flowering. Cover base of stalks with neem cake.