How are they doing? In 3 gallon pot


Looking beautiful! Autoflower?

Looks like your starting to get a little bit of nitrogen toxicity from the clawing. They look good but I would tone back on the N

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She’s already outgrown that pot.

Would they be ok in that pot for the next 48 hours til I can get some soil? @Drinkslinger

I haven’t given them nutes at all?? @imSICKkid

Just some random seeds @shindig153

She’ll be fine. Just plan for a bigger container in the future. Fabric pots are a great choice.

So she’s good I just need to let her grow? @Drinkslinger

Transplant when you have time. She’ll be ok for a bit longer.

@shindig153 @Drinkslinger how long till harvest do you think?

You have a while. 6 to 8 weeks depending on strain.

You’ve got a while to go. Auto or photo you can cut light cycle 12/12 to flip her to flower but I think you can veg her out a little bit more. If it’s an auto she will finish when she wants. I have found that out had a couple start flowering 3 weeks after I planted and some took a couple weeks longer.