Hope and encouragement

So I’m growing the ILGM Wedding Cake Autos. This is my 2nd cycle with this strain and my first cycle in my new 5x5 tent. Santa brought the tent to me early in hopes of a greener Christmas. I’m SO ready to smoke!

I planted my Gals all at the same time and this little girl just didn’t seem to wanna grow:

Her lil leaves stayed powdered with dark green in the light fans and I had to use jute (a hemp-like cord) to anchor her stem cause she was leaning as she started going into veg. I just kept watering her and singing to her like any other big girl in my tent. I’m tiny too, so I didn’t quit on her. I figured she deserved to live just like the rest, small and all, “It’s ok, girlfriend. Even if I can’t smoke you, I appreciate the privilege of watching u grow.”

Now, look at her!

Homegirl is pushing on 3 foot from ground to tip. She is gorgeous! My Angel (Wedding cake seed no 2) was tall like that and she was the best smoke. Now I’m super excited and yet even more patient knowing that good bud is brewing.

I just wanted to share for other growers who get that lil pitiful seedling and think maybe we should just throw this one out. Don’t give up, man. Give some patience. Maybe that plant got trust issues and wants to scope u out before it submits to growing. Na, for real, I think some plants just need more time to get adjusted in the soil and that might be the best 2-3 ounces ya ever pull. Don’t dip out too soon on us petite ladies. We might be tiny, but we’re usually mighty too.


Some people dont believe that a plant can communicate through a song. My wife plays music to our plants daily. She sings and dances to them. She yelled at me this morning to come look! She was playing music and the plants were dancing!




Lol, I saw the first pic with the “shorty” in the middle and instantly thought “That thing is either stuck like Chuck, or about to take off like crazy.” Lol, low and behold!!! Very nice!!! Happy Holidays and New Year!!!


Can I have a few puffs offa what y’all smoking my man?!?! :crazy_face:


Come on over Dom!! Its AKG

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En route!!


Ever tried Acai Kush Gelato? @Fieldofdreams

Thanks, great story!

When my current autoflower was a weird, ugly seedling, I had considered culling her. She’s my best producer yet!

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I just looked up that strain, seems :star_struck: :yum:

Its just shiiit like that cured me of taking acid in the 70’s!


Man, it’s like lemon candy and sweet bakery muffins together. Every 3rd to 4th plant will be a big light green stick of a plant. I got the seeds when they was 10for10.

I got the Purple Punch to break up consistency and it’s got the cutest floppy purple elephant ear-looking veined fans all over it. I can’t wait to smoke em.

I wanna grab me another batch of seeds cause I only got 10 of the purple. Bout to go shopping now.

Merry Christmas, Buds!!!

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We just recieved wedding cake and runtz for our 2nd run ever, any tips on the cake? How was the harvest and how did she smoke?

Love those stories that peel layers back slowly on whose behind yhe keys. Ive always pulled for an underdog. Happy Holidays

Very nice looking bong.

So easy to grow and tastes like candy lemon with poppyseed muffins to me. Out of 6, I got 2 sativa-dom so far. 14 more to pop. They don’t mind waiting a 4th day for water, their fans bounce back easily after a late watering. Sometimes stems need anchoring early on or as they get weighted in flower. Indica-dom needs minor defoliation and they fade yellow centered, with copper red edges. So pretty.

I’m running some Purple Punch autos now and they have the cutest floppy fans with purple stems.