First time grow! Think I’m addicted :)

First time grow. 6 girls total. 4 wedding cake from ilgm and 2 strawberry gorilla from fastbuds all femenized autoflower. With 5 of the 6 in cali super soil with ocean forest with one in cheap pro mix using fox farm trio. Can you guess which is the odd one out?


Looking good man!
Great work!


Wow those look just like my 1st grow 2 years ago that was 3 zkittles and a jack herer yup its fun as hell especially as you get better and better , here’s some strains i recommend you looking out for barney’s purple punch and pineapple express, dutch passions skywalker haze, and pyramid seeds nefertiti out of 30 auto strains those have been standouts

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Thanks for the recommendation! Will definitely give it a go

Rock on gromie!!! Looks great. Yeah you can say it will grow on ya :grin:. Heck I’ve read more this year than I have since highschool :rofl::rofl:. The more I learn the intrigue I am about it!!!


Think she’s just about ready!!


Bam!!! That thing is popping

It is addictive. I started with five and then grew seven and now I have my legal limit of 12!