Homemade Grow Box--1st time trying indoors

Thanks growmie :+1:
$25.83, tax included for the box, lol. Cheap easy and quick. Maybe add another light down the road depending how this goes. Really 1 auto is all I need. :love_you_gesture:


looks pretty good, but I bought a tent, grew mine in there , even grew outdoors, you can forget about being discreet, the smell was potent, it’s a h*ll of a lot cheaper growing than buying at the dispensary

That’s true for probably 99% of the people but I smoke only about 2 or 3 times a month. I smoked more than my share in the past 50 yrs. So after I start to look at all the cost involved for everything it’s going to be cheaper to just buy it in my case. I’ll probably still grow though until all my seeds are gone. I just enjoy growing it.