Holes in leaves but plant looks great

Plant developed some small holes In the bottom leaves but its growing really well. Now it has some small holes in the newer leaves. I’m not using anything to control the humidity I’m not even sure what it is. I’m going to order a humidity monitor tonight. I’ve had a box fan blowing straight on it from 4 feet away the entire time. Wind burn?

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

Looks like soil burn ( where leaves touched the soil) and yes, wind burn IMO.

You want to create an gentle breeze over the plants, not through them :slight_smile:

Look on underside of leaves for bugs

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Thanks all. I did look under the leaves and I didn’t see anything anywhere. It’s in my basement so idk what bugs would get down there besides the spider’s. I flipped the fan around now so its pulling the air the the leaves are just gently moving. Hopefully the holes stop. Also I’m using promix hp in a 5 gallon pot. Do I need to water to waste with the plant being so small? I only give it a large glass of water daily

I’d give it a good spray down with neem oil or spinosad. Somethings munching on your leaves.


I’ll go to my local hydroponics shop tomorrow and get some. Cant hurt to try a few things something’s gotta correct it.

You’ll want to purchase a jewler’s loupe or microscope to get a closer look in case you have something that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The loupe will come in handy when it’s time to harvest a pound off that plant after you get your bugs sorted out :slight_smile:

Could you edited where should I cut for a top
I want to make enough coals as possible before flowering

Anytime the holes or damage start in the center of leaves, its usually a bug. The nute burn and wind burn will affect areas similar but not in such a small defined spots unless you are spraying notes and then it would still be more widespread.


Okay I’ll definitely spray it down tomorrow then. I was worried the humidity was way to low and the breeze was ravaging the leaves. They feel kind of dry to the touch if that makes sense. This is my first grow so I really have no clue what to look for.

I think you’ll find all the scientific information your brain can handle on these forums, one great thing I learned…its called weed because it grows anywhere. You got this and treat your ladies right. The first grow to finish is always the hardest yet most rewarding.

Definitely seems like some kind of insect. Given the extremely small size of the holes it may be something extremely small and hard to notice. Soil growing can be prone to insect problems because of the possibility of them living in the soil, at least you noticed before the problem got out of control.

So I went to the store today and he told me to avoid using the neem oil unless I absolutely had to. I’ve have my 400 watt MHL only about a foot away and he said maybe I burned it with water droplets. I’ve been watering in the morning so I guess it possible but I never noticed splashing it.

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Welcome to the community ! You have a insect problem I don’t know what kind.the third picture you can see the track marks on the leafs where the insects been. Keep a eye on it you may actually see it. look under the bottom sides of the leafs. Good luck and happy growing!

I found a little red dot on one of the leaves. I think it might be a clover mite.