Leaf Trouble Help!

Noob grower this is my first I’m in a 6’x6’x7’ tent in my barn I have AC infinity exhaust fan an oil filled heater(I’m in NorthEast) and a humidifier with 1 clip fan. My lights are 1500w full spectrum LEDs with veg and bloom switches. Some plants are about 6-7 weeks and others are about 2-3 weeks, on the older plants I’ve noticed holes and some leaf rot look only only the lowest leaves though please help with what it is I’ve not seen any bugs yet

Welcome to the community! Tons of folks here to help, sometimes it takes time to get reply’s! First thing I suggest is try and get pics in natural light hard to see what’s really going on with the color distortion from the blurple lights. Secondly I’m seeing moisture on your leafs with lights on that can be a problem the light spectrum amplifies through water and can burn your plant. Those holes do seem to look like insects kinda like grasshopper damage, if your for sure that there isn’t any then I’m leaning towards water droplets on your leafs burning holes. but again with the light spectrum it’s very difficult to see what’s really going on.

I gotta agree with Teffy. It most def is insect damage, unless you have picked and cleaned out brown dead plant matter. Because of the shape of the bite marks, and how they follow the veins of the plant, I would be thinking caterpillars. Caterpillars like debone the leaf so it looks skeletal, while grasshoppers munch indiscriminately. It’s very easy for a moth to lay eggs on a plant and for them to go unnoticed. Also caterpillars can be hard to find sometimes!

Ok thanks I ordered some Monterey BT and will spray soon and I’ll try and get some better pics in mean time just in case thanks guys :pray:

Get them pics up in natural light or atleast with lights off and flash. I can’t make anything out?

Update it was a freaking caterpillar I found him completely camouflaged right by the eaten leaf I’m gonna keep an eye out for more