Hole in leaf at young age

i got up this morning like normal to turn on my lights and check on the plant its a crystal fem. the last one i have left so im checking it out and i see what looks like a small hole in one of the bigger first leaves. my ph is 6.3

i hope i dont have some small bitters eating my plant ?

A pic would really help @jimmybud but I had some holes in my lower leaves due to a calmag deficiency in my current grow. A pH swing could do it too I think. I would take a jewelers loop or magnifying glass etc… and check under the leaves and look for bugs. Check very closely and don’t panic haha

Yes I did all that checked with a magnifying glass I didn’t see any bugs I’m thinking it might be like burnt I’m using a 225 W LEDUFO light and it was only 12 inches from the plant so I may have given it Lightburn

Thank you for your help much appreciated this is the last Crystal Pham I got I want to keep her alive

You may be right about the pH swing I have been messing around with the pH I just don’t want to over flush

this was this morning.i think shes doing ok

put something like this around, see if you catch anything.


Did you get water on her leaves and then put light on? Water droplets can act like magnifying glasses and burn leaves. just a thought. She looks healthy otherwise so I wouldn’t panic just yet.


Enlarging the picture it looks like a stain in the area of the holes as if something wet sat there burning a hole.

Yes you guys are probably rite a drolet of water could have fell on the leaf .Im using clear plastic over the pot its in for the humidity up here in the hilly area its dry my bed room is like 36% humidity were i need it ti be about 75 to 80%

quite interesting

quite a strange phenomenon to me

On my third grow and what surprises me is how hardy they are and capable of bouncing back.

I’m actually growing my first plant! I was naive and was spraying my plant 2 or 3l times a day and I was getting water droplet burns on my leaves as well but since I stopped everything’s normal now