Hlg 150 patriot

Does anyone know how to dim the hlg 150 patriot

Nothing on bottom. Has what looks like 2 black buttons. Nothing happens when pushed. Could there be screws under them. Dont want to pull them off without knowing if there are screws. Brand new light dont want to break it

Wont let me post picture

My MeanWell driver has two rubber plugs, the output is the one you want to remove and use a small Phillips screwdriver, I think!

I have never been able cut and paste anything here.
While in the reply box, click on rectangular box in the top menu, then select photo library, and then select your pictures, and click on ADD. Wait until you see that it has downloaded and posted.

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That worked thanx

I was able to remote mount my driver, and it makes using and getting to the dimmer so much easier.

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