HLG 150 Patriot & AC Infinity 69 PRO Controller

Hey All -

I’m interested in getting the AC Infinity Controller, 69 PRO but would want to hook up my light to it (HLG 150 Patriot).

The driver is a MeanWell HLG-120H-54A with manual dimming. Looking at the AC Infinity site, they say that all HLG drivers will work with their Type-B Adapter. My driver itself is a Type-A. Does anyone know if there’s a way to make it work with the dimming function?
Otherwise, it’s manual dimming still and the controller doesn’t help me totally.


I use my HLG with the Controller 69. I use this, and dim manually.

I use an outdoor plug with a timer function on it, has 2 plugs available. I just have trouble justifying spending the money on the controller for only controlling my fans and humidifier.

[quote=“DarthVaper, post:1, topic:101559”]
The driver is a MeanWell HLG-120H-54A with manual dimming
Recommend you contact

They sent me this file, pages for you

Easier to get an outlet controller.
NOTE UIS connection from 69 pro, at zero setting, ON selection, is NOT a guarantee the light will dim to OFF, unless power is removed.
My HLG350R is off on Zero Setting, not the 260.
Both can be controlled with dual outlet controller.
Recommend no re-wire while under warrantee.

This model number shouldn’t come with dimming lead, so to best of my knowledge there isn’t an application directly for this. You would need to use something like what Newt has to automate on/off but still dim using built in pot.

The good news is. Automating your light to dim up or down isn’t going to help your plants any, so you don’t need it.