HLG 260W XL V2 Rspec Kit Assembly Question

@dbrn32 I got my light wired up in series, but I have a question about wiring the dimmer. The driver has a blue (positive), and white (negative) wires, but I don’t see any kind of polarity markings on the dimmer. Does it matter which wire goes to which? Also where are you guys mounting the dimmer?

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It’s merely a resistance dimming circuit, will read 100k ohms either way. If you catch wrong prong it will dim turned opposite way, but that’s not a huge deal either.


Hey man i just hooked my light up! Did you have any troubles with the dimmer. Mine seems a little weird.

Nope, no troubles at all. Just used the diagram @dbrn32 supplied, and worked. What’s weird with yours?


It works. Just seems off. Like when I go to dim it all the way. It will dim to nothing but if I keep turning (about a quarter turn) the knob it will go back to really bright. Or if I just leave it at the off point it will kinda flicker.

@dbrn32 is awesome and has been helping me with it! Just saw you had the same kind as me so figured I would ask! Thank you for the reply.

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