Light help please!

Got an HLG 260 QB V2 rspec
Dimmer Knob instructions say two wires. Grey and purple. Mine has 3. Wth do I do ?

@MidwestGuy , sorry to randomly tag you, but any suggestions? HLG is closed for the remainder of the weekend

@dbrn32 @Hellraiser

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I hope I did it correctly… I killed the random wire into a wago… It dims, but not all the way off… And boy is it bright.
I’m reading Hellraiser’s grow journal, and I am super stoked

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Yeah hell has some very informative journals, I’m not sure if models differ bit the 550r I had didn’t dim off very low tho

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It’s the wiper bro , the last one Is the last cable it’s the ground basically

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Got it all plugged up for a test run… That beside a maxisun pb1000 (100 watt) set up for test run. With the ac infinity all set up with no carbon filter on it, the tent got up to 88F pretty quickly.
Is that light combo gonna run too hot for a 48 x 24 x 60 ?
Running through a LOT of ideas before July gets here. I want my setup to be as efficient as possible.
I have a 5" computer fan set up in some ducting an intake fan, and the ac infinity as exhaust. With a 9" box fan inside tent on low.

@Randy_Marsh , that’s what I thought… Am I ok just plugging it into a wago and letting it be ?

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I’m not 100% sure on invertronics driver, but meanwell this size isn’t rated for dim to off. Guessing the invertronics isn’t either, or they have resistor soldered in. Sounds like it is good?


@dbrn32 , no issues with the dimmer as far as I can tell, but man… Those two lights in that tent together are pretty warm :hot_face:. I’ll post a couple pictures of the setup tomorrow, to see what everyone thinks


You can do both ways I personally tried it and felt that with out the cable it got warmer that with didn’t really measure the temperature to be honset it was just by how it felt

Just got a inventronics 240 driver to replace a meanwell xlg driver and had same issue. Just got it taped up good and off to the side used blk and purp for dimmer. My scorp diablo with imventronics driver has the ability to turn off with knob but the 260xls dont they dim down to low thats all. Same with new driver just dims to a low setting. I do believe by looks of eye that the inventronics driver has my one 260xl looking a bit brighter than the meanwell drivers do

This light is super bright. Now I’m having a temperature issue. Without the ac infinity fan going at a high speed, it’s getting around 88 degrees with both lights at 100%. It’s not a huge tent, 48x24x60…
But I’m in VA, and it gets hot and humid… I want to have my set up in good working order come July 1…


Do u have a rated.wire where u can mount the driver outside the tent. That should cut down internal heat some but if u exhaust into same room ur getting air from might pose an issue it did for me had to vent thru my crawl. Maybe u can hook up a portable ac.window setup and vent thru that out a window and ppl will thin its a portable ac unit lol