HLG 100 v2 3k supplement

I currently have an HLG 100 v2 3k in a 2.3x2.3x5.5 tent.
I would like to add efficient, supplemental lighting to the tent. I’ve been considering the HLG 65, but, I want to avoid too much light. Growing autoflower in soil. Can anyone advise on the best, efficient solution?

You can add that if you’d like to. Supplemental lighting from the sides? Or top?

I’d be hanging it from the top.
I’m trying to avoid wasting light for that space. I like the size of tent and would like to max out the lighting, but not have more than the plants need. Ideally I’d like to grow 2 autos in the 2.3x2.3.

You want about 30 to 40 watts of QBs per square foot so you’ll be pretty close to optimal par levels just space them out a lil

I run a hlg 600 per 4x4 but I will overlap 4 in a 10x10 as well that’s up to co2 capable levels :call_me_hand::sunglasses:

Do you recommend an additional 100 or 65?
Also, how do you advise the light spacing? Ideally I would like to grow 2 autos, in opposite corners from each other.

Well you dont got much option in a 2.5x2.5 a couple inches between em …ideally I’d do 2 100s …are the v2s dimmable… and easiest for spacing and eveness… where ever you can fit them in

Awesome :+1:
Thanks for your time!

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