Hi Guerilla growers from around europe!

Hi guys !

Im from Hungary and based in between lake balaton and Budapest in a big city of szekesfehervar. I want to ask a few tips as i will be guerilla growing autoflowering quick oe seeds from RQS. I all ready have at least 5 different plot for it. What is your previous review about this strain for outdoor growing?


Welcome to the forum. My girlfriend’s parents found their way here to the states from Hungary in the 1950s. I love hearing them talk about their history and homeland.


RQS is not a specific strain they are a seed bank, autos however should do fine in your climate… just beware that they don’t react well to stress like transplanting, but sprouting them in their final guerilla spot is a risk I wouldn’t take…

sprout at home and transplant after the 3rd node, work the soil you plan to plant add slow release fertilizer…
you never know with autos…

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Hi, visit your future site early morning, midday, evening. Learn the light and shadow’s movement, find direct sun all day. Except find a tree or something that casts scattered shade on plant for an hour or two midday. Max sun and prevent overheat


Thanks for your advice I will defo do it today or tomorrow. Im useing google earth with street view witch is not bad but badly updated on some point.

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