Help picking strains for Guerilla grow 2017

Hi guys i have some trouble in picking out seeds for my (guerilla) garden this year. we are living in greece (crete) and the climate and soils here are very good.
Me and a my friend we are having quite a dilemma , we want to plant 3, 4 different strains,
1 (the main strain) that should be a quik flower so where thinking about the Critical that sepose so be ready in early september,
than we also want to plants something else like Silver Haze , Lemon haze or Amnesia haze, white widow, and i have also read something about a strain called Hawaian snow .
What expectations should we have on harvest, were not planning on giving theme so much nutrients . Maybe some suggestions , experiencens ?

thanks a lot

Outdoors? or inside most auto flower strains will yield nicely outdoors and finish early

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@Manolis73007 Are you going to be hiding them I take it and wanting to put them directly into the ground have you tried growing in the spot before

yes its outdoors. i dont want autoflower because they dont give such good yield. and yes its a great spot with nice light soil, my friend had put a local strain one year and he harvested about 900gr a plant. i want to put around 80 plants now. have you ever tried this types ? thnx

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I have tried their super skunk their white widow big bud bubblegum and I have some sour diesel and chronic widow on the way I’ve had 100% success rate with Robert seeds