First ever outdoor grow - western europe - ANY HELP ALWAYS APPRECIATED seeds en-route

15 auto seeds, created for colder climates, one man and a dream to grow 2 pounds outdoor this summer. Sounds like the blurb to a good book to me. Anyway, I’ll be scouting for locations in the area, i have a few in mind. There are a few main concerns, getting caught isn’t one of them awesomely. 1. animals eating my girls 2. someone finding and either destroying or stealing them, 3. Death due to exposure (greenhouse maybe?) 4.I;ve never grown autos or outdoors before. 5. Our weather is BS

Have no idea how the climate is in your area. I live in Ohio, United states. I’ve grown many auto outside. I l start inside, wait until they’re about a week or two old and growing good. Transfer outside to the spot I want to grow in then just check on them every other week. If its dry and no rain Ill check more often and water myself