Hi all my guys I have a some problem please help me and my frist grow :/

Firstly I wanna the says to thank to did be today helping all my guys my first grow and like to much cannabis
I m;
used soil
all plant in 4 gallon air pot
using ro watter
ph is 6.50 have a ph metter
not have tds matter
fresh air in yes 15/24
temprature day 25C & 28 C
night 19C & 21C
watter two days in 2 Lt per plant
advancednutrient connoisseur-bloom grand master grand master level( think to may many times its wrong sellect because this nutrations is to strong and need help
light is 12/12 marshydro 1600watt
flowering stage day day 28 12/12 before did been vegative stage 30 days 24/24 light under
now is day 28 flower stage;
this photos is deffinecly or exsess or nute burn thank your for intrest
I suspect the last leaf burning and plant gave 10 liters of water per flush middle

General view of the growing cabinet;Please tell me my deficient,

I’m waiting for your comments friends…

flowering dad 28

The pictures of main cola look great.
I suspect nutrient burn on the leaves - as you suspected. Maybe/probably insufficient light for the nutrient strength. The tip burn is chemical and the interior leaf damage looks like thrips.
But It also looks like old damage.
So I am going to say no worries and keep doing what your doing especially if you have recently done a flush.
The top of your canopy is uneven, not much to do about it now, just make notes and remember for next grow. Next time while in veg prune to keep an even canopy.
Overall its not bad and if this is your first grow you have done very well.

I agree with @jeffro, and you. Nutrient burn but just a mild case.
Cut back on you nutrients a little gives them a good flush of P Hwayer and you’ll be fine.

Also I would like to Welcome you on behalf of all of us at ILGM you have any other problems feel free to ask. Oh and visit the lounge that’s where we get to know each other on a different note
B Safe

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Thank you friends, did you stroked my heart Jeffro,I worked really hard to girls, now is week 5 day 29 its so hards I need to 34 days 3 x ak 47 and 3 x bublegum, need to 40 days 3 x sour diesel. I have 9 plant think yo used all in year, Where a man never forgets his eyes open, I started here this site this forum, seeds come to from ILGM forums is here I did read all the threads, topic. Advanced nutration are recommended nutritional values not true The recommended values I thought we draw it with friends, if you come across …

I also purchased the mars 2 1600watt led around 1 1/2 years ago, I have a 5x4 grow space and when I switch to flower I turn on a 400watt HPS my buddy gave to me for extra light during flowering. What are your thoughts on the mars 2 1600? Do you like it? I think for the money it’s a great deal, I do understand that there are better lights out there but I have had no problems with my mars 1600 as of yet, I have probably produced 4lbs in pot since buying it