First grow. Someone help!

I don’t have a clue where to begin to diagnose what is happening. Anyone have any advise to fix ?

It looks like you are dropping water on your leaves and they are getting burnt from the light. Water can sometimes act like a magnifying glass on the leaves


Looks like nute burn or a calcium def. Im still a begginer myself tho.
Fill this out bro to help us more
Strain; Type?

System type?

PH of runoff?

What is strength of nutrient mix?

Indoor or Outdoor?

Temps; Day, Night?

Humidity; Day, Night?

Ventilation system?

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier?




We also need to know what soil you’re in and what you are using for lights.

Very important to include your watering pH

Strain - unknown

Planted in Organic potting soil from a local garden shop.

P.h of soil is sitting around 6.5

Nutrient strength is 8-4-4 , i also have a root stimulator that is 4-10-3 but i haven’t used either one in a week or so


5x100w Cfls

Have a small fan for airflow

Those cfls cant be 100w. I have 2 55w cfl an there way bigger then those. Are they 100w equivalent But really 23w?

This is a 55w cfl

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Now I feel dumb :joy::joy::joy: yes they are 23w (100w equivalent)

Please bare with me like I said this is my first grow & have little knowledge on this.

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No your fine bro. Im not tryin to be a ass either. Lol. I actually grew my first crop with nothing but cfls. I yielded closeto a ounce. I also chopped them early so i prolly coulda got more from them. Everyday is a learning experience, you will never gain any knowledge if you dont ask the questions. If you are goin to finish your girls with cfls tho, you need to get alot more! I had a total of 350watts in cfls. When you buy them and add up the watts, add the actual watts not the equivalent watts and you should get a lil over a ounce or maybe even a couple ounces. Dont let anyone tell you that you cant grow bud with cfl cause i have an it was pretty decent. It prolly woulda been better if i let them go the whole 8 or 9 weeks

Oh and also, add all the lumens of each light together. You want atleast 30 to 40 thousand lumens

Im running a 600w mh/hps setup now with 150 watts of cfl for side light. And when i switch to flower im gonna run a 1000watt hps plus the cfls. Bro if you go on ebay, you cant get some descent equipment for cheap. I just scored a horticulture 1000watt ballest for 65 dollers. Im grabbing a 1000watt hps bulb for 24.99 an i can just use my air 600watt cooled hood an switch it to 1000watts. So 65+24.99+30to35 for a hood/ reflector an you can have a nice little 1000watt setup for $125-$130
An its cheaper for a 600watt or 400watt

While having a setup like that would be nice I’m just not looking for that right now. This was just something I’d thought I’d do for the heck of it.

Ill go to the store soon & upgrade my lights to 4x150w lights as well as using some 63w cfls for the sides.

I’m not looking to grow this plant very big, would like to start the flower cycle after she hits about 12in in height ( from what I read the plant will already double in size during flower? ) don’t really care what kind of yeild I get my first time trying this, just would like to harvest SOMETHING! Lol .

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Are you full dosing nutrients? It may be a little strong in an organic soil you tend to wait for soil to be depleted before feeding to avoid risk of nutrient burns. If you are feeding start very light any signs of burning like above return to ph’d water and wait until they are slightly larger

yes the times I’ve used nutrients it was at full strength. (1 teaspoon/gallon) I plan on waiting to add any more nutrients until later on.

When is a good time to start to add nutrients & how often?

If I need to adjust the p.h in the soil do I just water with water treated to the p.h I want?

being in an organic mix the best time is once growth starts to really slow
as your plants get larger they should grow faster ifthis gain is suddenly starting to decrease watch leaves for slight lightening of older and still well exposed leaves. At that point start with 1/4-1/2 dose keeping ph in 6.5 target if they like it within a few days they will start to perk up next cycle water ph’d water then up dose slightly again watch for signs of positive growth yellowing tips would mean water only next time if they are still healthy then feed again following the light dose less is more pattern cycle is feed feed water. Remember to let them dry between water, feed cycles

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