First time grow flower day 6

I’m getting worried now day 6 of flower stems have started to tint red and leaves are looking odd in my opinion. Could anyone give any advise

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When the tips burn like that its usually an indication of too much nutrients.

What are you feeding with?

Maybe try less. Thats what i would go with.

That and make sure the light isnt too close.

Put your hand right above the canopy and if your hand burns that means your plants are going to burn too.

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Looks like a magnesium deficiency to me. Do you have any cal-mag?

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@Brobdab I don’t don’t have any calmag but I guess I’ll be getting some lol

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Can we see some pics in natural light. Without the grow light. Not sure I see any problems. Couple of painted nails nothing to worry about.

Red stems and stripes are usually normal, I don’t see anything out of the ordinary.

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Please zoom in on the last pic the OP posted. It is VERY easy to see the mag deficiency. Clear as day to me.

See :point_down:

I will get a picture today in natural light. I’m feeding fox farm. I know there is nutrient burn on some tips but new growth isn’t showing nutrient burn. I’ve only been feeding twice a month week one I feed week 2 water only feed on week 3 and water on week four. I’ve been pulling small leaves that are starting to die around the bottom every other day it seems, I assumed because the canopy is so dense, but now I’m not sure. Lights are marshydro tsw2000 set 18-24 inches away from canopy. They put off a little warmth but not a ton

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Are you using the Fox Farm trio nutes? I don’t think the nutrient burn looks bad at all. I would try including the cal-mag every other week when you feed.

I looked up the lights you have. Seems like they are not close enough to the plants. The manufacturer recommends the lights 14 inches from the plants for flowering. I would start to gradually lower your lights.

Hey just a heads up the purple in your stems is another sign of high salt concentrations. Check your PH and EC.

You can also use Epsom salt. It is magnesium sulfate
this from sensi seeds. I had the site up and had read this earlier.

Quick fix for magnesium deficiency in cannabis plants

As a quick-fix emergency measure, mixing magnesium sulphate with water to make a foliar spray is often effective. Magnesium sulphate is sold under the name Epsom salts, and is easy to get online or from large pharmacies.

A magnesium foliar spray is made by mixing one tablespoon of Epsom salts with four litres of water. This mixture is then sprayed onto the plants every three days, with a clean water spray every ten days to ensure residue does not build up on the leaves.

It can also be as a soil drench. You will have to look up the application rates.