Hey guys im so stumped i dont know whats going on

Ok i planted two plants there from the same breeder dark wizard genetics ,now i have a Blue Widow photoperiod and a XL kush auto now the blue widow photoperiod is going great no yellowing of leaves but the xl kush auto she was getting yellow leaves from when it popped up out of the soil ,but as it grows the leaves are green then they slowly go yellow its getting the correct amount of nitrogen and phosphorus and potassium so basically its getting everything it needs im growing in coco coir i have my ph at 6.2 my temps are 19 degrees Celsius my VPD is 1.03 i dont know why this one plant is doing this whether its something to do with the genetic background of this plant let me know what yous think

This the kush you can see what i mean this next pic is the blue widow photoperiod

Try dropping your pH to 5.8-6.0.

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Ok so 6.2 is to high for Coco coir

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5.8-6.0 is ideal range for coco coir. 6.2 isn’t ridiculously off, but is a smidge on the high side.


Aha ok thanks @Borderryan22 i appreciate your help brother


@Borderryan22 has got it covered. I try for 5.8 in coco.
It tends to creep up so starting higher puts you out of range faster.


Like @Borderryan22 said.


Thanks guys i will do my ph at 5.8 i have to make up a new bucket of nutrient water i make up a 40 litre bucket at a time


No problem growmie! I love the growth in coco and the overall development, it’s just too much feeding for my schedule.


I normally do soil and organics so this is new for me the whole hydro scene


I’m lost outside the dirt.

KootMeds ph recommendations are tighter than others I’ve seen. When my plants get in trouble it’s outside hydro’s range. Coco and Jacks

I feed at 5.8

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I just done a new bucket of nutrients my ph is 5.8 now and my ppm is 1130

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I’m starting to think its a genetic thing cause this one plant has been like this since it popped up out of the coco