Yellowing leaves, need help

I have 3 amnesia #7 seeds in 1gal flora flex coco coir bags, this is around day 30-34 of Veg not sure if they are growing slow or having issues. My ph going in has been around 5.8-6.0 and coming out it has been around 6.5-6.7 I’ve done one flush way early on (don’t think I flushed properly) but I seem to be having issues newer leaves yellowing more and more, weird issues not sure if it’s PH issues, nute lock out or the salt build up etc… what should I do to try and get them looking better…
Tent: 2x4
Ventilation: AC infinity 6” with carbon filter
Temps: Day= 80-84f , Night=69-72f
Humidity: Day= 49-53% , Night= 52-57%
Light: Spider Farmer sf2000
Nutrient: Flora Flex V1,V2 and Cal mag


Looks like a PH issue to me. I see multiple deficencies in your leaves. Do you water and go until you get runoff? It could be a salt build up as well causing a nutrient lockout. Personally I would flush and then feed with half strength nutes to get her back on track. @Hellraiser what do you see? Ooh. You’re in coco, I missed that. What kind of feed cycle do you have for them? They could just be hungry but I have little to no experience with coco so let the big guys come and help.


Right now I feed & water both once a week so far they are taking around 3-4days to dry enough. And I normally always try to get run off enough to test it at least. I’m kind of thinking it can be a ph issue but I’m not sure. I was considering transplanting them into 3gal pots (final home) this weekend but I’m not sure…

Flush and feed, they look hungry so either not feeding enough or nutes are locked out, a flush and ph reset will help with that. Kick up the calmag to 5ml/gal til they look better. Consider watering more often, coco should not be allowed to get too dry, and always water to runoff to minimize salt buildup. I water my plants in coco daily and feed with every watering.


I agree with the community, plants light green in color,
Looks hungry. I Would follow up with checking PPM and pH runoff an make adjustments accordingly. :+1::v:


Yeah I agree but I’m going with root bound: 1 gallon pot for that age may be too small.


Quick question I want to transplant them into 3gal pots this weekend. What’s my best way to do it? Should I flush them now while they are in the 1gal pots? How much do I flush through just until the ph is back to the correct range? I assume I should flush using ph water and some cal mag so my ppms aren’t 0 ? Just not certain what’s the best way to do this to get the girls back happy. I have never transplanted before.

Good to flush before a transplant, I’d run a couple gallons of water thru with some nutes and calmag for the last 1/2 gallon of water.