Hey Good Lookin...What Cha Got Cookin?

Soil! Thats whats cooking! Finally got everything together to make Garrisons super soil mix with a few amendments. I added seabird quano , vermiculite, fish bone meal, and more perlite. Ill let this cook 30 to 45 days. Looks like ill have enough for a few runs. Ill fill my pots up with 1/2 to 2/3 of this on bottom while using my recycled Coast of Maine on top as my base. I might still have to supplement with cal mag but thats it. Dolomite lime is used as a ph buffer so there shouldnt be a need for checking ph. I used Promix MP organic as my base for the supersoil. I doubled the worm castings and added a little more humic acid. Im thinking about adding unsulfured organic molasses if i can find it in a dry form. Cant wait to smell this stuff stinkin.


Ha, that rake looked like my kids lightsaber. I was just thinking why did he leave his lightsaber sitting out again.

Now you just need some biochar. Save the old can filter carbon and use it as biochar. It keeps the nutrients from leeching out and makes a swanky hotel for the microbes.

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Told dat hoe to mix ma stuff and off it went mixin…



Got that on the way already :laughing: along with dry molasses… ill add that monday when it gets here. Must be why my brain feels funny… youre pickin my brain… wait thats the Zskittlez


I sure you all ready know, but soak that char in a bucket full of piss the first week to charge it.
I also like to throw in a few pots worth of coffee grounds too. If you have any chemical nutes throw in a scoop or 2 of that too.

It will make a delicious dessert to compliment the main course.

It will charge itself off your plant nutes if you don’t load it up first.


@noddykitty1 oh yea, got me a slurry of crap ready and waiting… i got a feeling that all of this will be used in my next grow after i start the babies i have in the veg room now over to flower. Im thinking about 3 50 or 100 gallon raised flower bed type fabric pots. Each with its own light. 1 plant in each. Veg that plant and train it to cover the whole area and then let it grow up. That way itll have a massive root system and base to be able to grow a crapton of massive buds! Im to the point now where i want to play, but at the same time keep it all organic and keep it water only. If i have to amend, so be it. I got plenty of stuff left over for teas


Right on Brother, how long does that have to cook :love_you_gesture:


@OGIncognito 30 to 45 days. I found some good unsulfered dry molasses to add, but trying to figure out if i add it now or before i start using the soil.


Tagging along for the ride Brother :love_you_gesture: