Going to try a different living soil recipe

Everyone knows i am a huge Coast of Maine fan, but ive always wanted to build super soil that is good for the whole grow. I came across Garrigan’s recipe ( rest in peace brother ) and am going to give it a try. I going to use my recycled COM as a base. Ive got everything i need ordered, just gotta go to the Dolla Gentral and get me a kiddie pool to mix the soil and let it cook. Here is the recipe ( its the half one ) if anyone is interested.


Where do you find all this stuff? Is it recommended for first timers? What all do you put in your compost pile? Thinking of starting one. Got plenty of room on 5 acres lol just worried about animals getting into it but that can be figured out.

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I ordered all that off Amazon. This is my first run at it, but i am a huge fan of Coast of Maine.