Here we go again..Does it look like it has wpm?

So I’ve got these buds and they just seem so “dusty”. Like I see stuff go flying out when I shake it in the jar. They were harvested last year in late December. I washed them and hung for 7 days in the 4x4. Maybe it could just be its really dry or is it …white powdery mold? They look normal to me and it even smells really good but you know…
I’ve been growing for quite a while now but I want some opinions about these shots. I think I’m getting really OCD with my grows and final product but I’m smoking this stuff and I don’t want to get sick. You can’t ever be to careful can you? :crazy_face:

These pics are Blue Dream. I have two other strains to examine and I’ll post them when I can. Thanks.

Blue Dream

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I’m going to let the more experienced folks give you a solid answer on this one but to me it just looks like dried trichomes

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Typically they would turn brown

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How and where did you store it

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In a mason jar. I burped it a lot too. Let me get a shot of the bud from further away.

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I’m not seeing anything that jumps out at me that screams mold. All I see are trichomes. I’ll tag some others. More opinions are safer than sorry in this case.
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I can’t tell but the fact that it’s not smelly kinda says it’s good.

I keep my back stock in the freezer or refrigerator.


Looks good to me, I would smoke it, and if it doesn’t have any bad smell or anything I wouldn’t worry about it to much.


Having trouble getting a good focus on it and the lighting keeps changing. It’s just so weird with the dusty stuff. I must of overdried it. I do recall seeing weird stuff in my buckets when washing but I didn’t think anything of it.

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Still not seeing anything wrong there…
But if you’re in doubt, throw it out. Especially if you have more.


Well I trust you guys. Unfortunately the whole harvest was like this. My buddy says the stuff is fire. I have smoked some of it with him and it tasted good. I dunno…hmm I mean we breath in spores everyday and if no one sees anything wrong I should be ok? This particular mold only grows on the outside I believe? Also thanks for your input everyone. I just rolled it up so let’s see what happens…lol


Yes to me it just looks very dry, other than that it looks fine, but when it comes to mold as previously stated when in doubt throw it out.

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They look clean as far as I can see. Don’t blame you for being cautious though.


Thanks again everyone!


No problem , that’s what we are all here for to help each other, share our experiences, and grow some great cannabis!


I’m late, but looks OK to me.

  1. Send it to me
  2. If I post again after receiving it you’ll know it was good. If y’all DON’T hear from me again then throw it out! :laughing:


I’m looking at your buds and boy I gota tell ya they sure don’t look good .

Here are a couple of pics I had on W.P.M

Do any look anything like these ?




Hey @garrigan62 the very first pic looks really similar to mine but there are no white patches like that. Only thing I noticed is just how dark it looks it’s really similar to yours…there is nothing to the naked eye that I can see though, no white patches. I had a whole harvest mold on me once when I jarred it to early and it was SUPER obvious it looked like those buds and I trashed the entire crop. I have been looking at it under the scope and I’m not seeing any web like structures on it. It still looks suspicious though because of how it’s like poofy. I am going to dump out each jar and take a closer look once I get home and I’ll post on my findings. Ill have to use my actual microscope instead of this macro lens. Thanks

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Address? :laughing: :laughing:

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