Here are my numbers

I got my new tent set up in the basement.AC Cloudlab 4x4x80 , EnFun-2000 which I am going to
supplement with a HLG 280, VivoSun 4” duct 190CFM. 2 comfort zone 6” clip on fans. Happy with the quality of everything with maybe the exception of the VivoSun Ventilation the noise more than I expected.

Basement temp 66 degrees and 65% humidity. Running a test run empty grow lights on Duct van on high just running one of the 2 clip on fans. 6 hours of running 75 degrees and 42% humidity. I am running 1 of the 2 fans because, I just set it up and just have a 3 prong construction grade extension cord running.

Do these numbers look good with 1 fan running without the additional HLG 280 lamp ? I am thinking I need to go to 6” duct …

Just finished reading the Growers Bible.


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If the vivio is new return it and get a 6 inch AC infinity T6, if your stuck with it wrap it with foam and duck tape, mount it OUTSIDE your tent that way it will be easier to wrap and help silance.

You’ll need another two 6inch clip fans to have healthy plants. Once you add the hlg your temp might go up a bit, best growing is at 79f


Thanks, starting to catch on , think I’ll keep the 4 inch and get the AC 6 I’ve been digging that control module fits on the outside runs automatically . Get done here that thing is in the cart now that you mentioned it. Use the 4 for a near future 2x2 tent and will definitely get 2 more clip ons.

May you grow and smoke well

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I’m using that same exact AC Infinity 6-in x 2 one digital controller I think it’s awesome and very efficient. I checked the wattage on everything I’m running. The only thing I can say if you’re running two systems I have a separate temperature to make sure what is in each tent but the room is temperature control so it’s pretty steady on temperature.
Good luck I’m very new but I did my research and try to get the right stuff the first time. I already bought a higher priced pH meter 5 and 1 tester $135 Amazon. I bought this other tester the Vizio son for 20 bucks everybody says it’s junk. I will see what’s the difference from both of them now.
Also I got mine on eBay they had a whole duct and carbon filter kit like 140 bucks

The vivosun is going to be really loud btw


I grabbed the acinfinity 2x2 with t4 setup for veg and 3x3 with full ac infinity set up for flower. Yo check out this 6 inch exhaust fan I found on amazon. I picked one up last night when I found it it will be here Monday. ive never seen it before.Its usb c and cross compatible with all smart controllers.

You want at least 350 cfm for a 4x4

So an ac infinity 6" (352 cfm) is about perfect and they aren’t too loud. But will have to be ran on high most of flower. So personally I’d upgrade to 8. As to not have to run the motor so much. Electric motors get the most turns on medium. Doesn’t matter what or who made the motor. It only gets so many turns without rebuilding. Most modern motors don’t have replaceable brushes. So can’t even be rebuilt

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First tent VivoSun duct fan is loud. Not quite but almost as loud a the induction motor on the furnace. It’s in the basement so not that much of an issue. It’s the only item I have received that I haven’t been impressed with or meet my expectations.

I did run the lights and duct van on high and one clip on van on low for 12 hours it’s 75 and 42% humidity.

The EnFun lights that were $100 were packaged very impressive. I realize they are far from the best but compared to the VivoSun duct it’s like the Ryobi vs. Milwaukee IMO as a beginner.
AC tent is heavy and the zippers operate smoothly. I see this thing lasting. It suppose to have the heavier tubing. I can’t imagine having a tent with small diameter poles, lighter material and lower quality zippers.

Just my first impressions as a beginner, gaining confidence and knowledge thanks to you folks.

Right now, I doubt if I will purchase anything VivoSun again from impression the duct van has left. I am looking at a 2x2 tent for seedling thru Vegetative stage and move to 4x4x80 for late vegetative and Flowering.

Thanks for doing the math. I’ll get the 8”.

Good choice. A 6" isn’t really enough for a 4x4 if you want negative pressure. An 8" is a little too much, but is adjustable.

Funny story when I got my 8" AC Infinity for a 5x5. I had the new fan sitting on the kitchen counter. I plugged it in and it took off like a little engine and ended up on the floor. It fortunately didn’t damage it.


Don’t you run off Dude. I am hunkered down in the the SW corner of Ohio. I got my seeds coming Monday. Boy I am saving all kinds of $$$ buying stupid and cheap. LOL. It’s not cheap going to school. All this junk I bought I’ll just use for the smaller tent.

I am about 4 months behind getting started I had an engine rebuilt. Got the wrong spark plugs from the dealer. Had to remove the engine and do it all over again. (Honestly not my fault)

I’ll put the 8” in. That engine purred when I fired it up for a second. Then I added coolant and it poured out everywhere. These plants are going to make it the first grow. Rebuilt the engine and reinstall the second time, cake walk. Had it down. Wax on Wax off. Second grow I am already looking forward to, and don ‘t have first started. Wax on Wax off.

When I read Obi-Wan Kenobi “ Growers Guide” and all his other guides , he makes it sound so simple.

Goal here is to grow Loud Dream a little later no rush. Until then Wax on Wax off.

Success leaves clues. I won’t turn the fan on the kitchen counter for a test. My Man!!!



Next to your name it says Bergman’s Lab… Are you a Jedi Knight ? A disciple of Obi-Wan Kenobi ?

Seriously asking what that accolade stands for?

May the Smoke be with you

Bergman’s Lab was another site run by ILGM that no longer exists.

Thanks for the explanation. I got my Crayola Crayons out and I’m making a note to myself.


When you get the new AC 8 inch duct van do not plug it in on the kitchen counter.

You can do this.


CC. My Man!!! MidwestDude E=MC2.

After visiting AC web site can see the difference in quality and MidWestGuy post how it flew off the kitchen counter. He isn’t stupid who would expect that amount of air volume.

Still not real good on lighting brands and how much.

I appreciate the help.