Looking for a thumbs-up

Hey all, so after reading through topic after topic, asking questions probably to the point of annoyance lol I think I’ve got a list together for first full indoor grow.
Tent: 48x48x80 vivosun (when they get more in stock)
Lights: 2x HLG 260xl rspec
Ventilation: 2x Ac Infinity CLOUDLINE T6, 2x Ac Infinity 6” carbon filters, and enough flex duct pipe to pull air from basement and push it out of a faux dryer vent. + a few stationary 6” fans to wiggle plants cross breeze style. I do have humidifier and dehumidifier available incase that becomes an issue.
I’ll be growing organically in 5gal smart pots with Coast of Maine Stonington blend.
Seed choice will come later.
So unless I forgot anything vital, does this look like a good setup to start accumulating?


A good Ph meter and TDS meter needs to be in your bag as well!


Have a good ph/tds meter, however the MAGIC of organically growing means I don’t have to worry about ph :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:
Thank you for the reply though :blush:

I think you have a good plan. The taller tent is a good choice. Allows room to tuck in exhaust fan, rigging and lights in the top. And still have plenty of grow space. Not familiar with fan just make sure you get a viable Speed control. Some fans come with them an some you need to buy extra .Good luck with your indoor grow my friend.

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Thanks @kellydans, I’ll be piecing it together over the next however long it takes lol waiting on a few components to come back in stock.
HLG & vivosun are both out of stock :confused:
The fan is a recommendation from @Hellraiser among others. I guess it’s super quiet and has digital speed control and customizable scheduling. Check it out.

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LOL, good luck with that.


Yeah they’re great fans I didn’t know if they come with a variable speed control or if you needed to buy one separate.

Is that bad info?

Don’t think I’m allowed to link products off amazon but you can find it there.

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Yes, proper ph is always important, regardless if the nutes are organic or not.


Oh sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear.
Coast of Maine soil is a water only medium. No need to add nutes up to 3 weeks before flower, and that’s a dry food scraped into the top of the soil. The only thing going in is water, the bacteria within the soil adjusts the ph naturally. (From what I’ve been told)
Good info, or nah?

You should still ph adjust the water you’re putting in it and don’t count on the soil or it’s additives to correct the water ph.

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Thanks for the insight! I guess that’s the fun of forums :blush: trying to navigate through various ways of doing the same thing.

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List looks good! The T6’s may be tricky. They’re out of stock until 7/22 and they don’t do preorder. So you’ll want to make sure to get them ordered as early as possible on the 22nd. They’re probably going to fly off the shelves.

*Edit: looks like amazon got some back in stock! It’s the s6 that’s still out of stock

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Thanks man, I’m going to start chipping away at this list and hope to have things started before September.