Help with Septoria!

Hi folks,

I’m hoping you can help! I’ve been growing for a few years and have had many successful grows - until now. I’ve been having trouble with my outdoor tomatoes getting septoria for several years, and it appears it jumped to my basement grow room.

I know about the basic treatment and prevention for septoria, and I’ve been doing all of those things. But I went away for six days and while I was gone, it got much worse. So now I’m trying to decide whether I should continue with these two plants (the strain is Jealousy, by the way) or whether I should just bite the bullet and dump them and start over. As you can see in the picture, they’re budding well. I planted them January 24th, so they’re probably 4-5 weeks from harvest.

Thanks for whatever advice you can offer!


That’s calcium deficiency. Look at the difference. Ca def patches are mostly adjacent to and touching veins, also lighter brown and less round. Infection can kill vein by occupying enough of the area as you can see but it’s not positioned the same. Round spots with rings.


Deficient in Ca allows weakened cells to be breached by disease. So the plant would be less resistant to infection. But them patches are Ca def. And another deficiency with it but not sure


Thanks, but this isn’t a nutrient issue. I’ve been fertilizing the same way I have successfully for the past three years. This is Septoria. I know it well, because I’ve been fighting in on my outdoor tomatoes forever.

But thanks for the input!

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No, it isn’t calcium deficiency. I’ve been using the same fertilizing regimen for years. It’s Septoria.

Sorry Ok youre welcome. I too have that symptom in trees in my yard. Sorry, I thought it clear by the shape and position of patches vs spots.