Help with 2 of My Plants

Hi I need help with two of my plants.

I feel like I have been on a good water schedule. The past 3 weeks. Usually every 3-4 days. The big green one is taking water every 2 days now.

In the beginning I over watered but I have been letting the soil dry out now and the pot is light when I water.

The plants popped on June 26th.

Planted in Fox Farms Ocean Forrest.

I have been giving Botanicare Grow, and Botanicare Cal-Mag. Started mutes about 3 weeks ago.

I’ve been upping the nutrients slowly. Still not at 100% dose.

Always use RO water, PH’d to 6.3-6.5. Water until about 20% runoff.

Keeping the lights 20inches.

Temp in the grow room has been a pretty consisting 73-79.

The one plant is kind of long and scraggly. It has been looking better than in the picture but the leaves have never been full and green. Always a little curled.

The other one that is full has been growing pretty good but I’ve been having to trim off dead yellow leaves.

Then there is the big green that has been growing good.

I’ve been rotating them in the tent to see if that helps but haven’t noticed that helping.

I did flush the two that were not doing too well. That was about 2.5 weeks ago. It did seem to help a little but it didn’t cure anything. Still not growing big and green like the one in the picture.

They are all the same breed. I just can’t figure out why 1 is doing so much better than the other two.

In the picture I use the two clip on fans not the two on the floor. I just need to take them out of the tent.

Some help would be great! I can’t figure out what is going on.

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I’m still a noob myself really. But I’d say it looks like it needs more water and nutes.

Only my thoughts, don’t took them in consideration. It seems some of them having a burn light, others wind burn. Are you running 3 fans?

I will tag you experienced people. @Hellraiser @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32

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When leaves roll up like that is usually indication of issue with vapor pressure deficit. Wind type issue is similar as stated above.

If/when you have a vpd issue can make nutrients screwy too.


I’m using both of these lights. And I’m only running the two clip on fans. I’m not running any that are on the floor.

I’m using two lights. Only running two clip fans.

My humidity is like 48% when lights are on. 77-79 degrees when lights are on. Would it help to run a humidifier in there?

Lights off 74 degrees and 65-70% humidity.

I was running a humidifier earlier in the grow but shut it off. The leaves were dropping when it was running so I turned it off. I think I may have been slightly overwatering during that time.

Maybe the leaves were dropping because of overwatering you mentioned. Try to run one fan or two at the minimum, just to give them a breeze. Then turn on the humidifier achieving an RH 60 - 65. Correct me if I am wrong.

It appears to be nutrient deficiency in the one with yellow tips and the ones with browned and curled leaf edges could possibly be Magnesium deficiency. Yellowing between the veins and curling upward can indicate “praying for Magnesium”. I use Epsom salts to fix any Mg issues. Or, you may have a lockout issue on those two plants, even after flushing.
I had a Sat that seemed like it never wanted to take N, even after a flush. After I got some good old fashioned advice from a vet grower, I simply watered sparingly at the outer edge of the pot with a very very low NPK food and let it rock out in veg about 2 weeks longer than I usually would have and ultimately ended up with 4.2oz dry yield from that one plant as opposed to 5+ oz out of the others. Keep in mind, that was an open air potted grow.
I would double-check the Ph first. I’ve always run mine at 6.0 to 6.3 max and haven’t had any issues there but I grow mostly organic and ONLY add nutes if theres a deficit somewhere.
If I do add nutes, never add a “hot” mix. I add each nutrient in singular, meaning that I add that specific nute or carrier with little other nutes or additives combined with them. This lets me customize the feed for each plant if needed.

**Correction…I said “x.x oz from one plant”. My bad. I’m high. Lol
It was oz of yield from the lot of 5 plants that were super cropped.

Ok, I’ve been using two of the clip fans trying to circulate the air. Maybe I will start using one of the oscillating fans instead moving more air. The leaves do appear to be a little dry. So maybe I can try the humidifier again to give the leaves a little more spring. I just don’t understand how they are so different being under the same conditions.

I think you may be on to something. The plants are still in 1 gallon pots. I have been wanting to transplant but I was trying to get them a little more healthy.

Maybe they are root bound???

If I transplanted into 5 gallon pots of fog farms ocean forrest do you think that would help?

That is the soil I have been using

I’ve topped two of the healthier plants and have been LST training them all to get them to spread out a little.

They’re definitely big enough for transplant. My rule of thumb is that as far out as the branch tips are, that’s how big the roots “could” be.
This Sweet Kush is about 1 to 2 days from harvest. As you can see, I groomed it to where the branch tips pretty much stay within the perimeter of it 5gal pot. This way I keep the plant controlled without seriously impeding yield by locking up the roots. It could bud out more, but I dont want it to.
In all actuality, you can sort of male the roots go where you want as well, depending on where you put the water in the pot!

And just to hit on it a sec…
The thing with fans is that, more or less, they’re just air movers. Dont try to maintain grow environment with fans. Use other equipment for that. Fans should just be used to move air to strengthen stems and get gas additives (CO2) to gently mix. If your growing environ is stable and effective, you can strengthen stems by giving each plant a gentle shake everyday. The little 6" fan in the pic is one of two that use in my tent to create the slightest breeze. This is all I need for this particular grow.

Well I think they are making some progress, transplanted and I’m only running 1 light now. Temps are staying 72-76.

Uea,Yea, they needed transplanting
I didn’t realize you had them in 1 gallon pots. Lol. I’m doing autos and starting in 5s and staying with them.

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