Sex, buds and rock and roll

Ok guys, first time grower here and I’m going to chronicle what I hope will be a successful experience.

I am growing in a 3x3 with a 600w light. I’m doing the pop culture mix pack and have germinated and planted 1 black widow, 1 Bruce banner, and 2 Skywalker og’s. The BB had the smallest tap root but I went ahead and put it in its solo cup with the others. The BW had a nice size root that popped out, and SW 1 had a decent root showing, while SW 2 was right there with the BW.

I currently have them under a 100w CFL about 10 inches from the top of the soil. The temp is at 70 degrees and the humidity is 63% at the start. I’m hoping the light warms them up a bit more but will be monitoring this closely until I’m more comfortable with them. I am sure I will have a ton of questions along the way. I will also appreciate all input, suggestions and help.

Here they are…even tho there is nothing to see quite yet lol.


Good luck on your grow. :+1:


Gday mate, welcome to the hood👌 Unless they’re autos, your gonna need to flip them real young or your gonna out grow your tent and light. But that’s still a month away🤣 one thing you’ll always want more of is space and light but it’s all part of the game👌 Good luck and green thumbs👍🏻


Welcome to he forum. Like powaforce indicated it is going to get crowded but it is doable. I’ve grown 4 in a tent that size a few times. Lst is the secret. :wink:


Are those cups sitting in water? If it is just for humidity you are good. If you have holes in the cups for the purpose of the soil soaking up water you are going to run into problems. Most folks only give their seedlings a few ml of water a day at most, and it is best for the seedlings (and any age cannabis, for that matter) to see dry soil between waterings.

Welcome to the forum. You’ll get lots of good feedback on your journal.


@Powaforce @Bubblehead. They are not autos. I was planning to do 3 but germinated 4 to be sure I got a Skywalker popped lol. I may end up planting one of them outside just to experiment and play. I haven’t decided yet. I am probably going to do autos next grow to see how they work.

@MidwestGuy they were sitting in the water but I put them in a dry saucer this morning. My humidity was up to 80%! Removing the water dropped it to 70%. Thank you for catching that. Im still working on getting my tent dialed in. Do I need to elevate them above the saucers to prevent them sitting in water at this stage and even once they are in fabric pots?

Yes, and yes.

A new cannabis grower has to change his outlook on watering plants. Cannabis will drown in wet soil so the best way to water sprouts is to mist the inside of a clear dome with distilled water twice per day and keep the dome over them for 2 weeks.

Seedlings collect all of their moisture from the air until the tap root forms so 100% humidity is what you want now.


@MidwestGuy could I use something like oven racks? I’m not quite sure what to use lol.

You want something that isn’t going to rust. You can buy risers, or you can get a wire shelf from a store like Home Depot and cut it to size.


@Myfriendis410 thank you for the reply! I do not have a dome but I do have a humidifier I can put in there.

Just cut the top off of a pop bottle and turn it upside down on your young ladies.


@Myfriendis410 Happy Cake Day!

I agree with Myfriends on the watering there was a member here @raustin who put fear in me about over watering. I use a dome to start and spray inside. If you are in 16-ounce solo cups you can use a sandwich bag, I’ve done that in the past and it worked well. When I start watering them I measure 5-8 ml with a syringe and water around the edge of the cup. Everyone has their own method, this just what I found works for me.


@Bubblehead good call, I’ve definitely got some baggies laying around I can use. I also grabbed some syringes from my local pharmacy so I will use that next time I water them. I gave them a decent watering when I planted them so I am guessing it will be a couple days before they need more but I will keep an eye on them.

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Anything can be a riser for your plants large washers bottle caps chop sticks.

Ok guys I need some expert insight here lol. 3/4 of my girls have peeked out. I see some yellowing on them but I don’t know if that’s normal or ok or if something has already gone wrong for me. The growth happened during the 6 hour dark cycle and I just got the light back on them. I thought about lowering the light some but thought I should ask you guys first. Am I panicking or are my girls in trouble

  1. I also noticed the last one appears folded over. I’m thinking it will straighten up on its own but do I need to do anything to it?
  2. Also I saw one got displaced during watering and it’s on the edge of the cup. Should I attempt to move it over or just let it be?

I’m sure they will do great. If you are putting down enough water to displace a seedling then you are watering way too much. Seedlings need very little water. A couple of ml at a time and then don’t water again until the soil is dry. Water should be measured in drops at this point. Put a dome over them and spray a fine mist in the dome a couple of times a day and you shouldn’t have to water at all for several days. They will appear folded until they turn up, reach for the light, and shed their shell. Seedlings don’t need much light. A low wattage CFL bulb 20" away will do them just fine.

Don’t panic. They need less attention than you think they do at this point.

@MidwestGuy thanks man, I started to panic but I’ve seen you guys advise patience so I calmed myself lol. I definitely overwatered when I put them in the solo cups and I’ve been using baggies to “dome” them. Misting the baggies when they dry up, I can still see the soil is moist but some dry spots are coming in the soil now. I know that isn’t a lot of growth but I can’t lie, I got excited when I saw it and exclaimed “why hello there ladies” outloud…to no one but the girls lmao. The one that isn’t showing is the one that had the smallest Taproot so I’m expecting to meet her in a day or two.

Lol. Well, hello, ladies!

Your soil should look dry at this point. Keep the inside of the baggies misted and that will be all they need. Go easy on the misting if the soil looks wet. The baggies will retain plenty of moisture from the water you’ve already got in the soil.

When you start seeing the second set of serrated leaves pop out and level off you can up the watering some and dispose of the baggies, but keep in mind that cannabis like wet / dry cycles. They will need very little water for a couple of weeks yet.


Here’s an example for you. I feed young ladies this age about 2ml of water a day. Sometimes every 2 days.

You can get rid of the baggies when you get near this stage.

You will see growth pause for several days while she lays down roots, and then you will get this after several more days.

At this point they will start exploding with growth. The following 2 pics were taken only 4 days apart. Note that the soil always looks quite dry.

When you get to the point of the last 2 pics, you should begin watering (lightly) in a radius of a couple of inches outside from base (stem) of the plant to encourage the roots to reach out for their water.