HELP-Sick Plant! I will give you evidence to help Troubleshoot

Ok. So I am on Day 70 from soil with my first ever grow. It’s Auto Northern Lights…Everything up to this point has been stellar- plant is healthy happy & HUGE! It’s just now starting to grow buds when I went to water my plant just 24 hours ago…Here are the Facts (will provide pictures also):

  • My plant is at day 70- is this a sign if the plants sucking nutrients from the leaves?? If so, WHEN OR HOW SHOULD I FLUSH??
  • I am using the same half strength nutrients that I’ve been using/but just slowly transitioning to a Potassium/Phosphorus heavy nutrient ratio instead of Nitrogen Heavy.
  • For Nitrogren Ive been using a Bat Guano Tea, and Phosphorus/Potassium been using a 18/18/21 water soluble Miracle Grow nutrient fert.
  • Over the past 2 weeks the ratio of Nitrogen to Potas./Phos. Has been shifting towards less Nitro & more Potas./ Phos.
  • Always using half strength
  • I have NOT had many RECENT waterings that I didn’t use at least little nutrients/ I have not had any WATER ONLY feedings in between any of my regular feedings.
  • I use one of the biggest size pots you can buy (see pic)
  • 48 hours ago I watered with about 72 ounces of nutrient mixed water( half the water was dustilled other half was tap that sat out for a couple days) however I usually always use dustilled
    —> the 72 ounces of water includes both bat guano tea and the miracle grow at about half strength…the tea is full strength so I water down with half tea half more water
    —> 24 hours ago - not believing the previous watering saturated ALL the soil, I watered again another 48 ounces with the same nutrients, maybe went a little over half strength. Hoping it wasn’t too much
  • AS OF CURRENT, many of the leaves have turned completely yellow and look sickly. About %10-15 of the leaves ONLY ON THE LOWER HALF of the plant or looking like this where they are entirely yellow. See pics.
    – I usually leave more time in between waterings unless I only water half way one day and halfway the next.
    – I used the same water on my 2nd 25 day old auto NL plant just not as much, and it looks fine.
  • Looking at my pics below(I’ll include one of it 4 days ago lookin healthy) what may be the problem? Could I have over watered or used too many nutrients? Too much Nitrogen?
  • is this possibly a natural process of the plant sucking the nutrients from the leaves during flower mode, instead of from the soil?
  • is there anything I can do to help this plant get better? Or is any action needed?
    —> This grow has been perfect for 70 days so I don’t want problems now. PLEASE ASK ME ANYTHING at all if more info is needed and PLEASE offer advice or possible diagnosis, solution if available.
    THANK YOU. Pics below (sick ones are from NOW, full healthy ones are from anywhere between 5-12 days ago, one is a full shot from NOW.

OK first !y name is. " Will " and I would
Iike to Welcome you here to our grow world of ILGM there are all kinds of great people who will jump in to help.
Please Visit our lounge that’s where we get to know each other a little better without grow questions Got a good joke. Tell it.

OK with that said. I hot you covered my friend.

Here is a pic. Look the same.

No worries my friend you have just over did it with the watering thats all .
By the way nice looking plants for a rookie…lol
But ya just let her dry out for a couple of days and you be fine.
If I can help with anything else just ask.

B Safe


@MedMan1878 you have come to the rite place I also am a new grower and these guy’s have been a world of information Hope you have Downloaded the free Grow Bible it is also great . So from one new member to another welcome to the family and good luck


Tnx for that. I had a little trouble understanding a lot of the post because of all the typos. But I seem to get the gyst of it is that I’m fine, I just over watered too much and I need to let it dry. I can live with that if that’s what your saying. Tnx

Sorry about the type’o was in a hurry…the old lady…lol


I just cleaned it up. I’m very sorry about that


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Lot of great people here everyone has always been willing to help!!! bless ilgm


@Hogmaster I couldn’t agree more . This place has helped me not to panic several times . And @garrigan62 when I saw those typos and was just thinking the last harvest must have been really really


I’m glad you pointed it out other wise i never would known about it
Ya as a mater are stil smoking it and made some awesome blond hash.


New grower. Ladies are in flowering and a deficiency has stumbled oppon me. I have no clue what it is

Looks like you need some cal/mag maybe a zinc problem as well. Looks good still!

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Thanks ! It’s my first grow I have another white widow that’s doing pretty well. Although I’m not sure how well they are flowering. It’s week 4 of flowering so I was wondering if they look like they are doing well for week 4

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@garrigan62 is this the thread?

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No not this one…but hey…Thank you for taking the time. The leaves tooled like theotheose…

He’ll pop back up. I just want to help before it turns real bad on him…know why I mean?


Cannot figure out this problem I’m having. Iv done flushed twice with ph water and nutes. Plant keeps loosing leaves fast and turning more yellow

Did you give it cal-mag?

can anyone please tell me what’s wrong with my plant, first time grower this is around seven week old n just started to notice this over the last two days I almost always feed never water alone could I be over feeding it?

I’m gonna pick some up today although I did find some pink salt that has minerals in it to try and see what it will do. Here’s a pic of it

I know what salt will do

…would you like me to tell you before you kill your plants or after ?

Yeah give me some info