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This will be an update to this

Still having the same problems with bronzing leaves. Also why are the leaves stretching up? Not sure what week it’s n but I’m pretty sure it’s about the 4th, maybe 5th of flowering.

(Apple Betty, Fem)

The front plant in the last pic is something different, sorry it’s n the way, it kind of has the same thing going on just not as bad I guess?


Sorry your plant is misbehaving. I’m not an expert in nutes and balances, but I’ll try.
I read your other posts and am curious—you’re using tap water, correct? Is it chlorinated? My tap water has a lot of stuff in it so I usually use distilled water or filter and leave out a jug of tap water to offgas the chlorine.
Leaves praying to the light might be too close? How warm is it right under the light? Leaves naturally turn towards the light but they look very close to it.
I would consider thinning out the leaves in the plants about this time. Air movement is essential for plant health and bug control. Energy in the plant isn’t going to leaf production this late in flowering so leave enough for photosynthesis.
I use foxFarms soils as well, and use amendments for various sources. I use blackstrap molasses for feeding plant so micronutrients and it does help. Have had coloration of leaves that just do their thing, regardless of what I do. Buds still come out ok


Hey how are you going ,first thing first what nutrients are you giving ur plants what soil are u using whats ur ph of ur water ,how often do you water ur plants once i know this i will be able to help you more accurately


I read through the other thread and I dont see any mention of doing the scheduled flushing.
Have you done a flush of the soil recently?


Hi @Aussie_autos :slight_smile: there is a filled out sheet in this growmie’s link a text the top. I’ll admit nutes aren’t my forte. Not sure what’s up with bronzing leaves

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Ok i just had a look on the internet you have a phosphorus deficiency give ur plant some bat guano and worm castings use liquid bat guano though so the plant gets it straight away and follow the directions on the bottle.you will probably have trim those bronze leaves off clean ur plant and feeding bat guano to ur plants will fix that problem


I flushed a little bit after I noticed what was going on and it didn’t correct, so probably 3 maybe 4 waterings ago (maybe a week, week and a half ago).

Yes tap water is correct. I have no idea about the chlorine. Do u mean I should maybe let the water sit for X amount of time before giving to plant? Also the light is probably 6-8" from top of the plant. Maybe I should extend the distance?

Any thing to sub the Guano with? I have no vehicle and ordering from Amazon will take a few days.

I do however have this rn. Not sure if this is what you speak of…

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Yep, if there is chlorine in the water letting it sit out about 24 hrs will let it dissipate. If you are in any municipal water system there is a good chance it has chlorine. If you have well water other minerals might be in it messing stuff up. Also, keeping the light a little higher than that may help too, closer to 16-18 inches.
A simple brita style filter would help clear some offenders from the tap water. Good luck!:four_leaf_clover:


I will try that, with the water and the lights.

Maybe not enough?

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This okay for the lighting distance?


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For your taller plant it is better. Are you able to put the plants on the floor on a stand or box to get them closer?


Here’s some pics I took last night.

Heres the bigger plant^^^

Heres the smaller^^^

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I think your plants are ok.
How many more weeks of flower do you have left? 3 or 4? There may be some nutes misbehaving but it might be end of life cycle too.
Are the leaves still turning? It may be the “fall” colors coming out. The damaged leaves won’t turn to healthy, and that’s ok. It looks like the top of the plants are doing ok. My plants this last time had some nice colors come out, including browns and golds. I would take out some of the leaves to help promote good air flow to prevent mold and mildew. See how they handle a haircut.
While I definitely pay attention very early to problems like this, towards the end of flowering I am focusing on making sure the phosphorus levels are good, that the plant is overall free of pests, and look for trichomes to turn.
My fall harvest last year looked like the world had blown up. Here’s a pic of the white widow I grew:
Some of the most fire herb I’ve ever had.


It’s necessary to run PPMs down to ~300 or 400 a couple of times during flowering to flush out the salts. Those salts submarine your pH as they build up. It is particularly so when using FF nutes.

The other possibility is that she is underfed. What products are you feeding her?

Do you know your runoff pH and PPM?


This is what I was thinking also. Looks like she may be consuming her leaves.


Well as far as what I give her is FF: Trio

For Veg stage I use this (below) :point_down:

And for the flowering stage(below) :point_down:

I follow, mostly, what the bottle says, I don’t go over the recommended amount. Should I?

As far as runoff numbers, I’ll chk the runoff when the lights come on and I give her her water ((and Epsom salt and also I put 10-12ml of that FF:Big Bloom(it’s n the photos)in also)) should I not do the nutes and just give her water and salt (I just gave her, 3 days ago, 11-13ml of the Tiger Bloom(in the photos).
Then 3-4 days before that was Epsom and water only.

Now for the flushing part, do the PPMs need to be at 3-400 or can they be lower? (250 is what my tap is and I have well water that runs at 150)