Almost 5 weeks since flipped 12/12

Any idea what is happening . Leaves on top are yellowing and having brown circles and dying…they shouldn’t be dying so soon right!!! Could it be my light ?? It been about 15-18 inches for a long time why would it be bothering them now 20211024_202401|666x500

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What are you feeding the girls?

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They have been about little less then half the recommended amount never had an issue or a discolored leaf until now they have been plush and I started them all about 14 weeks ago from seed…are they more sensitive to light as they flower

Look very hungry. Suggest a full strength does based on week 5 of flower from this:


@Newt ok do what do I do next I can up my nutrients buy I just fed her 2 days ago with just the half suggested amount and my next feed is suppose to be water how should i proceed should I feed more nutrients on next watering is she gonna be ok

I’d water once, then feed. That said, I’d probably give them that water with 1 tsp of grow big/gal. And yeah, she’ll be OK, just hungry.

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@Newt thank you very much


Most welcome. They look like they are going to be tasty. Good luck, and happy growing!

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She really needs magnesium. Fox farms do not supply enough. On water only days, add 1/2tsp per gallon of plain epsom salt.


@BobbyDigital so do you think it is a magnesium deficiency ? It seems to be happening for the most part on the top leaves … and I looked closer at my other two and I seen a couple leaves with very very small kind of brown rust spots on them so whatever this is looks like it might end up happening to those as well. Could it be that I’m under feeding them like newt said or do u think it the mag Def. What should I do should I use the salt and bump my nutrients up a little or what would be best so I don’t hurt them. I don’t know what to do with the one I showed pics of it seems to be getting worse and it’s not quite time to water it again it only been about 3 or 4 days and the bucket isn’t quite light should I just hit it with some salt and a little nutrients now. Or wait…I don’t want to keep causing more damage. I just fed nutrients my last feed but like I said I only do about half the recommended amount the fox farm trio tells me so any advice you can give would be great

Looks like magnesium to me. Same thing I’d run into when using fox farms. Once I started adding epsom salt on water only days I didn’t run into that issue anymore. Agree you can up your feed. Looks like a big plant so it will need a heavier dose. Do you know what your runoff ppms are?

@BobbyDigital the two have been running at about 5.5 --5.6 and the one that has huge flowers and looks the best has been right on the money like 6.2ish. So should I wait it out until it’s time to water again which by the feel of my pot it will be another day or two…or should I just throw a gallon or two in there im just worried about it killing off more of my leaves everyday I go look it’s a little bit worse

@BobbyDigital as far as the ph runoff being low for the other two I posted about that and the advice I got was if they were doing really good then to just let them be if there were no signs of anything which until this point theee hasn’t been

@BobbyDigital ppm s I read that wrong yes they have been running very low on all 3 I wanna say in like the 400to 500 range and going in I think it like 900 950

Clear this up. Is it 4-500 in and 900 out? Or 900 in and 4-500 out?

@BobbyDigital the second one it’s like 920 when I feed them then the run off (coming out ) is like 4-500 …something around there anyway

Following :eyes:

Then shes asking for more. Your runoff should be close to what you’re putting in. If your runoff is much higher than your input then you need to back off. If it’s lower than your input then you need to increase. Big bloom you can go full dose all the way through. It’s organic and there’s not anything in it that will burn your plants. I would go full dose next feed. Then start adding the epsom on the water only day after that.

@BobbyDigital awesome thanks for the info

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A picture with grow lights on is very very hard to diagnose correctly.
Can you please upload a pic with lights off flash on so me and others can confirm.

This is #1 rule in plant diagnosis

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