Help Please possible nutrient burn?

Hi all

What does it mean when the tips of the new growth are a lighter green than the rest of the leaf? is this nutrient burn?

Sounds like early stage nute burn. Especially if the tipy tips also turn a little brown. Yellowish new growth could possibly be indicative of not enough nitrogen but the tips won’t look burnt, just more so – everything looks kind of yellowish. They are pretty easy to tell the difference. It would be easier to tell with a picture, but pictures aren’t working right now. At least we can post after the long absence, lol.

I was able to put up a picture on a forum site I was using to view problems and communicate with other growers. Sick Plants? Have A Question? Ask Here. | Page 717 | Grasscity Forums - The #1 Marijuana Community Online that is the site link to find my pics

but that is what I was thinking. nutrient burn is the most probable cause as it is only about a 3 weeks old

Yup, that pic looks like early stage low level nute burn, lower your EC/TDS/PPM a little or maybe use a nute with a little lower nitrogen, lower ‘N’ in the NPK ratio and you should be fine.

ok thanks man I will lower my nitrogen but I only just mixed a weeks worth of solution, so can I just water this lot down so im not wasting it?

Yes, that should work, lowering the PPMs by diluting it with pure water should get the desired result.

ok thanks heaps man :slight_smile:

Hey, just something to keep in mind as I don’t know what your starting NPK ratio was, but diluting it will lower the other nutrients, the phosphorous and potassium, as well. And if those were way low to begin with you might run into a deficiency problem. If you are using something pretty balanced to begin with you probably won’t have this kind of problem. As I said before, it’s just something to be aware of and keep in mind.