Help Please Day 75 Autos

I thought these would be ready by now. Northern Lights. Annesia Haze. Blueberry. All autos. This is day 75. Is this a normal time frame or has something gone wrong? Should i harvest or be patient?

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Be patient…
Also wait until app tells you upload complete before clicking on “Reply”, not all of your photos uploaded.


Sorry i didnt let all the photos load in the first post.


75 from sprout or 75 from beginning to flower?
Either way the posted flowering times are only estimates in perfect conditions.
Its almost always longer, sometimes much longer.


Agree with the above…be patient. My last grow went well,over 100 days. Seed to harvest. Even though the breeder stated 75-80 days. Don’t pay attention to their “estimated” time. Pay more attention to your trichomes, they will tell you when she’s ready. The last few weeks of flowering, the buds will really fatten and dense up, you don’t want to harvest to early. Most say it’s better to harvest a little late versus a little early. I’d say another 2 to 3 weeks and you should be about there. I know it sucks…but just think, that’s another 2 weeks of fattening up. Best of luck


75 since they broke ground.

Thanks for the pep talk coach. @NugFlush Lol. I have a handheld scope to view the trics. Such a small viewing area. What do you use?

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there are several like this all around 10 dollars more or less.

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Thanks @Spiney_norman. My handheld scope goes from 60x to 100x. But the viewing area is tiny.

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Yours is probably fine. Anything that magnifies that much will have a small field of vision.
These do too.
We all agree inspecting the trichs is not easy, trying to hold everything still is a big pain.


Yes i found my hands are very shaky when trying to get a picture. I used a diaper box and set my phone on it. Helped some but i am going to get a usb microscope

It’s a little hand held magnifier. You can wi-fi it to your phone or tablet and view it that way. Adjustable magnification with a light. Can’t remeber the exact name or brand. Found it on amazon for about $25. You can take pics and video as well. Works pretty good for looking At trichs

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My three amnesia haze autos took 117 to 123 days. Lots of sativa = longer grow time.
Three blueberry ranged from 88 to 108 days. All from ILGM


Hi I’m brand new. Is there somewhere that shows us what we are looking for? Also I read about pruning or topping the plant. Any thoughts or input?

Thanks for the info @beardless. I am in for the long haul.

I did see some of those on amazon @NugFlush. Maybe next time. But i was able to see the trichs. All clear still.

Hey @Taylor6String. I am new here as well. Trying to get my first harvest! Ye haw. Plenty of good info on here. Good luck.

Here @Taylor6String

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Its funny. My amnesia haze looks the most mature. I also may or may not have grabbed the wrong spray bottle that may or may not have had bleach in it. This happened around week 6 after sprout. But i was able to save them. I will be patient.

Also you can use your phone camera with the loupe in front of it.