Help! plants unhealthy, need advice 🙏

so… plants got transferred to new pots and i think by doing so i may have really messed something up. someone possibly tell me if i messed this up for the worst or if i can fix these babies :pensive:
do these colors on the leafs mean anything specific

Should i call these 3 a wash? an hope for better results on the next ones or are these repairable

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Could be the soil was just a little to hot for the sprouts. They will grow out of it.
What soil did you move them into?

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moved them into some regular organic soil.

than when i noticed the discoloration i thought maybe they lack nutrients… so i added a little living soil on top and tried to get it mixed in as best i could around the edges… thinkin for some reason i could maybe give it nutrients that way since i haven’t gotten the fertilizer packs i ordered yet. probably went the extra mile, looks worse each day since the last 3 days or so

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Took some reading but the bag says it contains chicken litter which is a great fert but can burn tender plants. I would just water without any added nutrients for now and they should grow out of it. Perhaps next grow use a cannabis friendly soil like Happy Frog.


Your soil looks awful moist for a seedling


i appreciate the advice, its good to know and very relieving that they will be ok :+1: