What do you think of these seedlings? A bit of spotting and yellowing on lowest leaves

Hey all,
This is my second grow. My seedlings were near perfect in my first grow, but I seem to be having a bit of discoloring. The only main thing I changed is the lighting from T5HO to LED.
They are 16 days old. I’m thinking either they have squeezed the nutrients out of the available soil or possibly light burn from the led. What do you think?

  • Strain is a funny one. It was labeled “CBD Master Kush” but it came free with the seeds I ordered. No info online and the seed store also didn’t know it’s origin which is why they were free. If I have to guess it’s CBD Kush mislabeled.
  • Soil: 35% worm castings, 35% peat, 30% perlite
  • Vessels: 750ml yogurt container to be transplanted to 5gal bucket
  • PH of Water unknown. City water is good quality surface water usually ph 6.8 to 7. I let it sit for a few days but my partner likely was feeding strait from the tap while I was away for a few days
  • No nutrient solution
  • Indoor
  • 480W (true 200W) Mars hydro at 14" height (instructions do say 18-24", could I be experiencing light burn?)
  • Temps pretty constant 20degC
  • Humidity; not measured but probably in the 50% range
  • Ventilation system: no
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: no
  • Co2: no

Look like possibly root bound. Get them in bigger pots. Take picture of your root system when you do.

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Fuckin A. Thanks for the insight and super quick reply! On it.

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Soil appears pretty damp. Be sure to not over water.

Your plants are now plants not seedlings. I second the root bound plus PH issues. You really should invest in a good digital PH meter along with calibration fluid and PH up and down. This is the single most important thing you can do for the life of your plants.


they look over-watered,
once they start growing leaves use the flood to drought watering method.!!

definitely not root bound, u could pot up now or wait a few more days.!
when using flood-drought and they get to needing watered everyday they need transplanted.!

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I went from hlg65 to hlg100 in my 2x2 veg tent. I kept it at the same height as the hlg65 and started seeing lighter green coloring, so moved it up 2 or 3 inches and was all good. If you’ve just watered, I wouldn’t go straight to overwatering. Overwatered is the big one to jump to first, but think of how much and when you’ve watered. If it was quite recent, the picture might show overwatered, but it’s not.

A tip I picked up is when starting in something like a solo cup. Get clear and color solo cups. Try starting in seeds in clear solo cups, and put inside a color cup. Then, you can see the roots whenever you want. That is on the bottom and sides of cup. Helps with when to transplant.


They look just like my seedlings did a few days ago before I got my PH meter. It should definitely be at the top of the list when growing cannabis.

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Thanks guys!
I’m not 100% sure it’s overwatering… It was actually quite light and dry (yesterday) when I first noticed the issue. I admit that I may have overcompensated (about one cup of water as well as some bottom feeding in the tray) but in general I’m good with letting it fully dry before watering again.

Overgrowing it’s container and a resulting pH imbalance makes sense to me. My first grow went so well with worm castings (which are neutral and buffer pH)… But I hear you that I should still pay attention to it! What’s a recommended pH meter that’s good quality and affordable?

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Great tip!

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not trying to push this down your throat and always use your best judgement, but…

wide fan leaves with funky margins, weird deficiencies starting, really puffy/swollen new growth leaves, all leaves drooping/curled down…
everything looks like ‘over-watering’, this happens over days or weeks,
she may be suffering from ‘wet-feet’, this happens when the bottom of the pot never dries enough,
when we water/feed gravity pulls it down to the bottom, then the top dries quickly from air exposure, the tops r really dry and we water again, this keeps the bottom wet and starves the main roots from oxygen, the few upper roots keep the plant gowing with some O2, but the over-all conditions get worse and worse,

get a moisture meter and test at the bottom of the pots,
only water when the meter reads down in the ‘moist’ area near or into the ‘dry’ area.!
at this time saturate the pot until water runs out the bottom,
this is flood to drought watering and will make happy roots, plant, and grower.!


You guys were totally right, thank you very much!
I wouldn’t call it significant root bound but the roots definitely had found the boundary of the container! And I’m certain my mistake was with the bottom feeding water. Even when the top felt dry, the bottom was water logged, and this combined with the fact the plants were root bound had a worse effect.
I did a soil pH test about half way down the container, it was between 6.0-6.5, not the key issue.

Here they are in their new containers:


Yep, they’d had enough of their old house. You can likely expect some slow growth as they explore their new house. They should perk up soon.

this is the beginning of root-bound.!
large, course roots circling the container.
with proper watering they won’t get root-bound as quick…

cannabis plants hate that.! LOL
always top feed and do not let them sit in water/nutrient solution.!!
use the flood to drought watering method and the roots, plants, and grower will be happy.!

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Well it’s been a week… but it feels like a month! Does anybody else get that feeling growing weed sometimes? I’m just so eager to see them improve that time seems to take forever! Lol, smoking the product helps with that I hear.

Here they are. I trimmed away most of the yellowed leaves as they died off. 3 of 4 plants seem to have rebounded which I’ll top this evening, but the other one doesn’t seem to have improved much.

My watering has been less than a litre per plant and I’m reading that a good watering is a quart or so, enough to wet out the whole pot and cause some amount of runoff. I am going to try starting that tonight.

Also started using liquid nutrients for my first time. Root Farm. mixed it to the seedling strength (half the full strength) but only used 500ml of water on each plant. Going to mix up 4L of it now.

Also got a pH test drop kit so I will report back what my water pH is both going in and running off.

Word! Let me know if any of that sounds crazy. Thanks for the support!

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Nutrient solution went in around pH 6.0 and came out around 5.0.
Looks like a pH adjustment is in order.

Just for your info. My plants are about 40 days old, in 3 gallon pots and I have only been giving about a qt of water to each plant once every 5 days. Right or wrong but you can see the pics in my journal.

Hope it helps.

That’s helpful man thanks.
I gave them just more than a quart, enough to have them fully run off. Mainly just to take a reading of the pH at the root zone. I concur that I won’t be feeding them again for several days.

Just took a poke through your journal, your first grow is looking great so far!
Here’s a link to my first grow:

I literally just smoked my first homemade weed ever tonight from this plant and it was fucking great! Does what its supposed to do!


Can any of you please reccomend a good ph meter?

Congrats. Ive been burning through my first harvest too

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