HELP! my new grow

I started this plant 4-10 I don’t know if it’s female or what kind it is I got it from a batch I had. I have it under a grow light and have a small fan on them for some breeze and I use jiffy organic soil I hope that’s good I don’t know if I’m overwatering or underwater I’m starting to see a little bit of discoloration on the leaves I don’t know what to do or get to stop this from happening it’s in a plastic pot I’m waiting for my fabric pots to come

You have a long ways till you know their sex…4 to 6 weeks.


Is it the Jiffy Natural & Organic Seed Starting mix?
I found this describing its ingredients
Mix contains: 60-70% Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Vermiculite, Coir pith and Lime (pH adjuster).
It looks like a good mix. Vermiculite retains water. Also, I do not see any added nutrients. This is good but your plants are probably needing something to eat. The leaf discoloration is more than likely an indication of this. Also, after 30 days I would expect them be be 5-6 nodes tall. Do have some cannabis friendly nutrients?


Yes it’s that jiffy and no I don’t have any nutrients what would you recommend I use

I started with fox farm trio of nutrients. 3 bottles, easy to foullow and use and will get you into the basics. You will also need calmag. I also use advanced nutrients its iguana juice organic. Great stuff and the 10 other AN supplements I ended up with.
Are you going to use the same mix in the final pot?


Yes I’m going to use the same mix for the final pot I’m going to put in a 5 gallon fabric pot I need to know when can I transfer to the 5 gal. Also I feel like it’s growing slow I did the paper towel method and within 2-3 days it sprouted now I feel like it’s barely growing

Is this good for it my plant is getting worse by the day how do I know if I’m wasting my time on buying this it already looks like it’s welting


Those are very beginner friendly nutes. Lets see how she looks today.

Also how often are you watering?

Yes. Good to start with. Big Bloom is very mild so use ransfull strength. Then next feed big bloom at 100 and grow big 50%. Once they rebound and show new grow, should be able to up pot to the 5 gallon bag. Ideally I like to have the leaves filling the top of the pot. That is an indication the roots are well developed and filling the pot. In your case, let it grow another couple nodes, sets of leaves, and she should be good to go.
In advance of transplanting (at day or 2 before) you can fill the bag and give a charge of big bloom. Meaning, feed the medium a 100% dose of big bloom till you get good runoff. That way it will be onboard when you transplant.

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See @beardless , I don’t just ask questions, I read these different topics posted to try and gain some knowledge! You’re everywhere! You’re in good hands @litlebaby3 !


Same as you. See what others say so I can learn and add if I am able.
Did you get squared away the other day about nutrient mixes, EC and pH? Hope I didn’t leave you hanging. We had a few things I needed to take care of.

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Definitely fellas! I started as the ultimate forum lizard. Like uve seen today I just read and read and read and read and reaf. Then postd and read somemore. Its all about giving back. Learn at ur own pace. Get ur roots under ya. Then help the next guy.


This is her today I haven’t watered in a few days because the soil is still wet I’m waiting on the nutrients to come in the mail everything is always a delay I don’t know what to do I feel like by the time I get these things she is going to die

Semi squared away. Still don’t know what scale my Vivosun ppm meter uses. Nowhere on their site or google tells you. Seems I need to know. 500, 700 which fox farm uses. Since I use fox farm, be nice if 700 scale was what Vivosun meter is? Someone listed a bunch of meter brands and their scale, but Vivosun not on the list of course.

You can tell which scale is used by comparing the EC to the PPM of the same mixture.

Could you detail explain? My meter is temp,ppm,ph. Ec?

Look up 500 to 700 ppms conversions. Then get ur EC (a standard for ppms) and compare.

If u can get a couple readings ill show you how. Get everything ur meter allows for

Take a reading with the mode set to EC - what is it?
Take another reading of the same solution with the mode set to PPM. What is it?
Tell me @PurpNGold74 what the two readings are and which one is which. Hopefully can figure it out and have it make sense.

I gotta start my morning up Bearded One. Hold it down n ill peak back in when I can

Don’t have EC mode. Ppm and ph mode only. And temp.