I’m trying to get it right, this is my first grow journal after messing up 6 seeds with 2 different attempts!


Hi everyone, after 2 failed attempts and a loss of 6 seeds, I am starting this journal to be a reference point along the way. I have so far invested almost 1k, so there is no turning back as failure is not an option.
Ok, I followed the good advice of you guys that I tagged, and got a couple of capfuls of peroxide and added water. Pictures are included of everything I have, tent, fan/exhaust, clip on fan, oscillating fan, heater, lights, hygrometer, soil, seeds, cups, mutes, etc. I know I can’t go wrong as I have everything needed, just need advice along the way.
I just put the super skunk feminized seeds into the water/peroxide at 12 noon. I’m waiting for 24 hrs to pass, and I will put them on wet paper towel and ziplock until they pop. Follow me and help make this journey a success!



After they pop can someone explain to me the right mix of soils and perlite. I don’t understand the 30% in solo cups. Also how much water to add. The 5 gallon bags will be here Monday.

You got this.


Solo cup mix 30% perlite and rest happy frog.

Your going to need enough perlite to also mix your final pot up.

How many pots? What size? These are photos or autos?

Hope you have cloth pots.
Get a Tupperware or a 5 Flon bucket. Mix up ocean forest with 30% perlite.
Put a bottle, wine bottle or something, in the middle of your final fabric pot and fill up the pot 3/4 with that FFOF /perlite mix,pack it (I go to the top of the inner handle flaps).
Now mix up happy frog with 30% perlite, pull the wint bottle and fill the hole + the rest of the 1/4.

You now have the ideal soil. Setup aside from beneficial bacteria (great white shark, voodoo juice, Mykos, tribus etc)

Plant your solo cup plant in that medium when its ready.

Ps put a clear solo cup on the top of your solo cup to dome it until your little plant gets a set or two of leafs, then ensure its getting a breeze and watch your VPD.

Control your lighting by watching plant stretch.
To much stretch increase lighting (lower lights) and vice versa


The 5 gallon fabric pots will arrive Monday. Can you tag me in a video or post of a visual of the wine bottle technique. And when you say 30% perlite, I’m confused as of how much is that in solo cup and with fabric pot. Do I add 30% , then 70% dirt? Can I mix Ocean Farm with the Happy Frig? Also when I plant it in the 5 gallon pot, do I cut the cup off the plant and dirt before planting?

I don’t have a video or a pic of it unfortunately because I gave up soil a bit over a year ago.

Just re read it lol I took the time to explain it well I think.

Don’t mix the soils this is the whole point for layering them.

You gotta eyeball the 30% it’s a rough Geuss. More is better than less.

You can cut the cup or you can simply water it, then squeeze the sides and pat it a couple times then flip it upside down while hding the stem and a little tug and a pat and a squeeze she I’ll come out.


Quick update:
The seeds have been soaking for 12 hrs so far. None of them has cracked at this time.

10 more hours then moist paper towel and a topper ware. Even if it hadn’t given a tail yet.

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I just took them out of the water/peroxide mix. It’s been 23 hrs. I just put them on damp napkin and in a Tupperware bowl.

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If you can sit that somewhere warm they will sprout faster. I usually put em on top of my ES180 while on.

28 1/2 hrs after placing them on damp towel in Tupperware bowl they are beginning to sprout a little. I had them in a dresser drawer. I have just placed it inside a shoebox on top of my vent so they can sprout faster. It is now 3:37 pm 11-23-20! I first put them to soak at 11:30am 11-21-20.


I just prepared the soil, and will be waiting for the seedlings tails to grow a bit more. I mixed 30% perlite with 70% Happy Frog. Well it may be a little more perlite, but I heard more wouldn’t hurt. One of the photos below is the Happy Frog with perlite on top. The other is it all mixed in together. What do you guys think?

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I finally understand what you were saying about the wine bottle. Basically I’m just making an area in the middle of the the fabric pot that I will fill with the HF/Perlite mix with the OF/Perlite surrounding it. And the wine bottle will give enough room. Silly me, I tend to over read things. I totally looked over I’m supposed to remove the bottle. Thank you for the top. Much appreciated!


It’s almost 4am. The seedlings have been over my vent and inside of a shoebox inside of the Tupperware bowl for about 12 hrs and 2 of them have sprouted well. I’m waiting on the 3rd seed to sprout a little more. I put them back in my dresser drawer. I will be planting them around 3pm today.

Question, does my mix of HF and Perlite look ok or do I need to add more HF to the mixture?
Also, after planting them do I pour a little water onto the dirt or just give the top about 5 or 6 squirts of water? How often should I water after that?

Wet the dirt some but not a lot before you drop the seeds. If you water after it will wash the seed down into the dirt too far. Mist the inside of the dome cup to keep humidity up. After it sprouts do as you mentioned and only spray the dirt and leaves lightly until your plants are well established. As far as your mix goes I can’t give any advice there. I use happy frog only with no perlite added



Just wet the soil before planting the seeds. I sprayed the clear dome and here the are. 11-24-20 3:45 pm.


You May need to raise that light some. Not sure how much power you have there but the seedlings don’t want a tremendous amount of light.

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@Ironman26 it’s a 600w Led. Should I just remove the little stand I have under it?

For a 600w I think you’re ok for now. When your plants come up just watch how they react. If they shoot up long and skinny then they need more light. If they start having curled leaves or signs of light stress them raise it up. That light looks like the first “600w” blurple i bought before I understood what i was doing. It worked well for my seedling stage. After about 9 days I moved into my tent with an hlg light.