Help me figure out a way to get the DWC water level correct

Ok guys, I’m slowly getting my system down while I’m waiting on my pH meter.

Right now I’m trying to germinate bag seed in jiffy pellets but I’m not having much luck with that… but that’s another topic I think…

I noticed that when I put the jiffy pellets in the little cups, the mist from the DWC was keeping the jiffy pellet really wet.

How close should the bubbles or mist from the air stone be to the bottom of the cup?

How wet should the jiffy pellets be when in the DWC?

I’ve slowly been taking water out of the DWC and stuffing paper towels in the cups to see how much water they soak up, and I notice after a few hours, the paper towels are pretty full of water.

I know that the paper towel will absorb and hold water a little differently that a jiffy pellet might, but I’m worried the jiffy pellet will stay too wet, and cause problems.

I’m blind, so any good ways you can think of to help measure the depth of the water is welcome.

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I had terrible experience with those little Jiffy things, rapid rooters. I went back to a soilless medium to start my seeds don’t like how wet they stay

You might try to start them in an ice cube tray with a cover or Saran Wrap over them, squeeze them out good and then just mist them when they feel dry (which they probably never ever will) and then put them in the dwc bubbler when they have roots

Also I use a propagation mat or some people will put them on let’s say a warm (not hot) TV box or something like that to keep bottom Heat up, seeds Like It warm, around 80 degrees is fine

-good luck

I have them sitting in my reptile room, which stays between 75 and 80, closer to 80.
I figure that would be a good place to have them sitting, or do you think I should try putting them directly on something warm?

So, once I can ever get roots to pop out, they won’t have problems with the jiffy pellet staying wet once they are in the grow box?

Heres what I’ve been doing so far.

I soak the seeds in a shot glass of tap water for about 18ish hours.
No pH correcting, nothing, just normal water.

I then put the jiffy pellet in a bowl of water for about 5 minutes to let them poof up.

I then take the jiffy pellet out of the water, and lightly squeeze it to get some of the excess water out.

I then take the seed, and push it gown about to the first knuckle, and squeeze the pellet closed.

I then mist the jiffy pellet about once or twice a day to keep it moist.

It’s just a light misting, a few squirts…

So far, 4 trys, and nothing.

This last seed has been in the jiffy pellet 4 days now.

I have been thinking of buying some of those rapid rooters and trying some bag seed with them.

I’d like to get some of the bag seed to sprout, because I’d hate to keep having problems, and waste all the high quality ILGM seeds, because I don’t know how to germinate. lol

Are you going to be doing clones or are you going to be planting seeds I will help you with what you want as long as I know the method you are going to choose let me know…