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Question from a fellow grower:

i have been searching non stop for the proper cheap full spectrum with white, yellow, orange increased grow time led lights for my tent that is 8ft long 4ft wide 8ft tall so 8x4x8… an i cant decide which one is better to buy for my setup an who is trustworthy to buy from due to chance of getting counterfit product… im currently using a 120v outlet socket that supports half my apartment im pretty sure i need something to lower amount is used to save amout off watts/enegry i am looking looking to grow 4 dececnt sized plants an more down the road once im able to invest futher i am a medical patient so im looking to get the best outcome

Unless you go the DIY route I’m unaware of any LED fixtures that large.

The requirements to illuminate a 4 X 8 footprint means you will have a fairly high demand for energy; there’s no way around it. If you want to grow plants with a decent yield and potency it takes power. Higher end LED’s can be run all the way down to around 25 watts per sq/ft but that requirement goes up as the lights get cheaper. Quantum Boards are the state of the art now.

I might suggest if your budget is tight to look at MH/HPS. It’s a well established technology and relatively inexpensive to purchase.

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Look into the 630 cmh lec 315w 3100k bulbs Phillips or really any will work


If you have a single receptacle thats already partially loaded, it’s not going to work well trying to light a space that large. Most of the commercial lights available will go up to 4x4 space. Even using 1 of them with the other stuff you’ll need will be pushing a single circuit.


hey @ILGM.Stacy. lots more space than needed for 4 plants, i’m doing four plants in a 4x4 and i think i will have plenty of room to space them out a bit in 5 gallon pots. either the 630 that @Hogmaster said, or the quantum boards that @dbrn32 has a diy about would be able to handle that space with some ingenuity. and this gang here has that in spades. The reason i am using the 630 is because of it’s spectrum.

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Once your plants start to go through the flowering stretch and double in size, you’ll wish you went with less plants or a bigger tent

hey @HornHead were you talking to me? 4 plants in a 4x4 is too many?

you do not have enough available power to light a 4x8 tent.!

like dbrn said,
even if u use the most efficient (low power consumption) lights…
that much lighting/equipment would need its own dedicated electric circuit.

Migro, HLG Quantum Boards, and Optic 1 have the highest efficiency right now.

I am using unitfarm684 led, it seems white, but includes red, blue, IR, it did not include orange and yellow,I think the two colours are not must for plants, you can watch growing video here: BEGINNER AUTOFLOWER GUIDE: TIPS FOR BIGGER BUDS - YouTube