Led lighting for optimal yield

Ok, I guess the question I really want to ask is what is the most poweful led 1800w for a 4×4 grow tent, so that I can buy 2 of em

For what your actually drawing in wattage and the amount you are spending, you can buy a really good quantum board kit and have a great grow.


Currently i have a crx sunny 1800watt cob Led, I haven’t used it as yet, I’m still waiting on genetics to arrive, it’s drawing 320w from the wall, does that mean all I’m working with is 320w?

Yes it does. How many plants and what area are you covering.

Never mind you have 16 sq ft so based on the 50 watt rule you will need 800 actual watts.

At the very least, you would need 1 more to properly light that room. HLG Quantum Boards are the hot ticket right now, those or the strips.

Thanks guys I really appreciate it

So I been on the net just looking for lights and stumbled on site called growpotcheaply.com, and the lights looked pretty cool, there’s one called the “Perfect Sun Goliath”, heard it’s really good it states it puts out 570w at the wall and covers a 4x4 space easy, and helps with big yields @dbrn32 it’s pricy tho $1000, claims to replace a 1000w hps with same results or better.

Well, you can do it with 1 fixture, if you bought it. HLG sells a fixture for a 4x4 the HLG 550, Timber sells cob setups for a 4x4. I was just saying, with the current light you have. You would need at least another one to try and fill that tent up. It may work for a few plants, but you will definitely need higher light levels.
So if you want to stick with the same fixture. 2 or 3. You can look into getting some more efficient lighting and cutting the amount of light you need down.


All true statements.

So I have 4 600w LEDs that draw 108w from the wall from my research. So I am rolling with 432w total. I did my last grow with 3 of these lights and before other issues, my plants looked amazing. I am going to calculate my watt/gram ratio on my blue pack grow. So 2400w vs 432w from wall. I don’t think that the math works out that perfect. I can’t even begin to say how many great grows I have seen with LEDs under 1000w capabilities not drawn from the wall. Anyone have good research that shows a real difference?

Not too sure of the question, the difference in what?. Usually trying to flower a room with insufficient light, will still produce some nice buds, the problem would be penetration, and spread. Once you get below the canopy, and out towards the edges, nugs wont be as dense, or even as big.
Which is the same for any light. Just greater light intensity will help penetrate deeper into your canopy.


It may, not familiar sorry. One thing to keep in mind is that we don’t measure lights in watts. That’s the energy consumed, and makes no reference to how much light is actually emitted.

it states at 24 inches it has 1200par

That’s a spot measurement, not ppf. Also a lot of blue in that light, more than you need or want I would say.

Lol this lighting stuff is confusing, my space is a 4x4 grow tent what light would you recommend for 2 plants

How big do you plan to grow the two plants? Close to filling the 4x4 up?

I want the canopy to cover the width as far as height goes, i would say maybe i get them to about 30inches

Hlg-600 kit would get you into qb’s suitable for that space about as cheaply as possible. Unless building is an option?

I have two 320 watt QB324 from HLG and they are awesome in my 4x4. Buy the Kit, put it together and rock the plants. Just that easy.