Help identify problem on week 3 bloom please

hey guys have that problem on week 3 os bloom, please help identify please ASAP. Thank you.Uploading: IMG952391(1).jpg… Uploading: IMG952390.jpg… Uploading: IMG952391.jpg…

You have to wait for pics to upload before posting.

Yeah I know lost coverage

Can you check now please?

Can you post pics of the whole plant?

Leave curl/taco like that usually indicates heat stress; too close to lights/too hot. Looks like it’s outside? Although I don’t see the higher up leaves curling.
The bud sites are a strange yellow too…

I agree with Drinkslinger.

Its in greenhouse

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Did it recently get really hot in there?

I agree with @Covertgrower and @Drinkslinger about posible heat. I’m curious as a couple pics look like black Caterpillar droppings on a few leaves. When I zoom in gets blurry can’t tell. They will mess your :poop: up quick.

Yes its hot. More than 34 Celsius.

should I trow them? They not gonna recovered??

I think they’ll recover. Can you get some extra air movement or open some panels to lower the heat?

OK. Thanks