Help from anyone! First grow! Seedlings

@Tdevine I’ve probably got a dozen trying to root out now from my 2 plants. The tops I did dip in rooting compound then into a moist 4" pot of Promix. Then when I supercrop/lst the rest, I see spindly little branches that I don’t think will support a big bud, so I sacrifice those and just drop them in a jar of water.

If they root, I’m probably gonna be screwed! I’m flipping the mom’s this Sunday, so the tent will be on 12/12 for the next 3 months! These are ok for another 3 weeks under the dome, so hoping early June the weather will be better here and I can put them outside.

But I can’t just trim and chuck! Gotta give them a chance, even if I can’t use them, I can gift them to folks for “future considerations”.