Critique my nutrients please

I agree @Fieldofdreams something drastic needs to be done to get any sort of yield. @Newt did a great job with his after taking drastic action!
@JikJikkles if you do top them, take clones from them! I just drop the tops in a jar of water with a little bit of nutes in it. Trim the leaves, in about 3 weeks you will see roots start to poke out in the water.

This one I transplanted last week.

And these are about 20 more crammed in a jar. Nice thing is that by the time these root, it will be nice and hot and sunny outside (end of June’ish), they can veg outside with mom is finishing off in the tent under 12/12. Then 4 of them can go back in the tent and get flipped!

@Newt I did find 2 shriveled up that had been lifted out of the water and dried…so ya I can see why you put 1 cutting in a bottle when you clone! I just don’t drink that much anymore!

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