Critique my nutrients please

Sup fellow growers. Glad to be here and learn from you guys. Never really posted but I’m looking to get more into that and pull my weight. Just wanted to know if someone could critique my lineup of nutrients I use. I can’t get my pH to be where it should be but I dnt have any major issues showing at the moment so thats good I suppose


welcome to the community. whats the ph going in and coming out? you will probably need Cal-Mag. i never used that Terpinator but i like the name lol


Going in I usually try and have it green which is 7ish, if im not mistaken, because I’m usually getting orange(5ish-low 6) coming out. So I read I watering on the higher end will raise it for me but no such luck yet. No issues yet but plants a little lime green under the light which I read means I may need to up the notes but idk bro. Love learning tho lol


do you have fox farms feeding schedule? i used fox farms on my last grow, my tap water was 7.8 before nutes, with nutes it was 6.6. how old are your plants and what are you growing in? do you have any pics?

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@JikJikkles Our resident expert here on this nute line is @Newt If you’d like his advice you’ll definitely need to post pics of your grow and details about it as well. He’s good.


Thanks for the tag. I’ve never used Terpinator. But I do use FF nutrients. Here is the full feeding schedule for soil:

I use the entire line, and I add some supplements as well. I understand the Trio will provide what is needed for a successful grow to harvest. But I also think the rest of the line is designed to get you from successful to bountiful.

As for pH adjustment, I use General Hydroponics pH UP and pH DOWN. Always adjust the pH after adding your nutrients, and make sure you have a good pH meter, the cheap ones can cause you more trouble than they solve if they aren’t accurate, which seems to be common.

Good luck, and let me know if you need any more specific answers.


The PH test strips are ok in a bind but I would suggest a PH and TDS pen. Definitely a crap shoot guessing game without these. Great advise from @Newt :love_you_gesture:


@Newt Thanks Sir Newt-on


If you are going to use FF neuts throw out the test strips out and get a GOOD Ph meter (Aperia) those strips are not accurate enough imho to be helpfull.also get a (cheep) TDS meter, you will need with FF.


They’ve been growing since March but I realized I didn’t start keeping track til April 9th smh. I do use the fox farm feeding schedule but I think 4 plants is overwhelming in hindsight. Until I can get the science down im cheating myself

Also I grow in Fox Farm Happy Frog soil.

Will this do?

Thank you for ya knowledge, now and in the future.
The rest of you guys as well

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Clearly they have some height to them but will they bulk up a little with the switching to 12/12? No real need to defoliate since it’s not terribly bushy right?

Thank again

@JikJikkles I think there’s an issue. Your about to hit your lights and ceiling and you haven’t even begun to flower/stretch yet. Time to research how to supercrop.


@JikJikkles what light are you using? Has it always been at the top of the tent or have you been raising it as they grow? They do seem quite lanky, as if they have been reaching for light for a while.
As @Fieldofdreams says, you are going to have problems once they start their stretch! Supercropping them at 18" from their tops and then lowering the light a bit might be the only way to go. Read up on topping, fimming, and LST for next time!

@Spudgunner @JikJikkles I wonder if it’d just be best to top them down deep and let them recover score flipping to a 12/12? These are photo right?

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Assuming they are photos, topping and then LST would be my course of action. I was gifted some taller clones, and did just that. Looked a little “different” than my normal grows, but was a complete success:

Here they were all decorated up for Christmas:


I agree @Fieldofdreams something drastic needs to be done to get any sort of yield. @Newt did a great job with his after taking drastic action!
@JikJikkles if you do top them, take clones from them! I just drop the tops in a jar of water with a little bit of nutes in it. Trim the leaves, in about 3 weeks you will see roots start to poke out in the water.

This one I transplanted last week.

And these are about 20 more crammed in a jar. Nice thing is that by the time these root, it will be nice and hot and sunny outside (end of June’ish), they can veg outside with mom is finishing off in the tent under 12/12. Then 4 of them can go back in the tent and get flipped!

@Newt I did find 2 shriveled up that had been lifted out of the water and dried…so ya I can see why you put 1 cutting in a bottle when you clone! I just don’t drink that much anymore!

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1000 watt HPS
Yes as they’ve gotten taller I’d raise the lights.
Didn’t expect them to grow this tall honestly but yea should have LST’d with some topping.

This one was the tallest 1st so I supercropped it so the other could catch up but now they’ve overgrown.

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You think I should top everything above that line? Could take a couple more clones as well

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Maybe even just a bit lower… You have a natural flat canopy at the node junction just below the line on the rightmost plant.