Help dying Blue Dream any thoughts as I’m stumped

So it had been about 6 days or so since watering the big 45 gallon pots before this started. Each pot has 3 different strains.
This pot in particular has a Blue Dream, GDP and SSH.
I noticed the BD looking a little droopy Friday 3-27 and as I can’t lift the pots lol I figured she was getting thirsty so I gave her a gallon of RO water with a Tsp of recharge that had just arrived. I also fed the thrive to several other 5 gallon pots that needed a boost and they are fine.

The other 2 plants are looking great that are in the same pot.
This is from yesterday

She went downhill very fast.
The look she has is just like what I had about 6 months ago on 3 or 4 plants that I never did come to a conclusion as to what happened and I had to trash them.
Bad nematodes??? I’m at a loss.
Here she is today

It’s been suggested overwatering but I can’t see that as the issue but ya never know…the other two in the same pot are doing great.
Any ideas please toss them out.
I don’t water to run off nor check input PH or PPM etc I do know the soil PH is between 6.2 and 6.8 depending on depth etc. use RO water and top dress with dry nutrients and brew compost tea from time to time in a living no till soil.

Here are the ones that looked the same from about 6 months ago…
Eerily similar…lol

Any and all suggestions or thoughts welcome. She’ll either recover or I’ll chop and drop a Auto in there I guess.


You got an AC i. That tent. It looks like freeze damage! I. Sure that aint it but i never seen anything like that in 20yr of growing, especially since they are shareing a pot. Thats crazy bro, im subbed

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Wish I did have an AC I could turn off…lol but I don’t use one as in a basement with central air. Day 80f night 70f.
Thanks for the reply @Silverback

80/70 ok. Little on the warm side. How is your RH?

I hate that for you ! That is strange other two plants very happy. For my own curiosity, I would probably water to run off. On the side of the pot where the Plant is dying to see what the numbers are. May or may not. Be of any help. Just my thought. Thanks.

I would stick your hand into the soil, and see how wet it is. I don’t think it’s under watered, the leaves still look “plump” different then when it’s wilted from no water. It does have the appearance of being over watered.
Some of your leaves have blackened/darkened areas which concerns me.
@Myfriendis410 @MattyBear @dbrn32 can help with some questions too.


Got me. Looks like it’s a fabric pot, how does the air pruning look on that side vs the others?

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That’s what caught my eye first. The browning doesn’t look right.


don’t see it on the leaf chart

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2 weeks since flip RH 55% day and night.

@kellydans the soil Ph is in the sweet range. A PPM reading would be misleading as all it would do is show flushed nutrients out as when I water unless it’s a tea or maybe some epsom or beneficial bacteria or aminos it’s just RO water. I don’t use bottled nutrients just mostly DTE dry nutrients top dressed.

@Covertgrower the soil is def wet. It hadn’t had any water prior for about 6 days. I dug down a bit 4-5” or so and soil smelled fine roots looked ok. Stuck hand way down along the side and is wet deep but not as much as near top.
I decided to reduce the RH to around 45% for now (2 weeks since flip). Another thing I had thought about was my home made humidifier Is outside tent and moisture is pulled into passive intake vent where the BD was sitting and wondered if it was receiving too much humidity on it so I rotated the pot moving her away from that influx. Yea blackening doesn’t look good…just like I had 6 months ago.

@dbrn32 the fabric pots have a coating (root trapper 2) on the sides and bottom with an open (no coating) slit ringing the bottom inch or so of pot and can’t see any roots On this one or the other 2 45 gal pots.

@Drinkslinger…yep that look came on quick just like previous plants awhile back…I’m dumbfounded.

@Royc lol nope not on any chart I’ve come across.

Thanks for all your thoughts on this issue…
Some updated pics from this morning.

On a positive note the Gold leafs are shooting up nicely at 32” from soil and climbing. Glad they are in center of tent so won’t ever hit the lights lol.

One other thought I had was I am using the dehumidifier water and rather than pouring it out am pouring it back into humidifier tank. Been using HP at times into tank as well…I don’t know?


Since we know you’re experienced, I’ll assume the basics are covered.

My first thought is something in the root system is amiss. Which is strange because the other plants in the same pot aren’t affected.
I thought perhaps the other plants in the pot choked that one plant off, but youve had this happen with plants in solo containers.

I know you’re big on microbes and soil amendments, Did you add anything different just before they died off? Perhaps the same thing you added before? Are all the dying plants the same strain?

Unrelated to the plant issue, why are you running both?

I’m not sure how wet it is that you felt, but I hope it’s not saturated at least. I’m really stumped on this one. Drinkslinger brings up a good point if you’ve had it happen in a single container grow. I was leaning towards that plant getting choked out. Not anymore.

Until some others come along and ask more questions, those were all I had.

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I used to use the dehumidifier water to water my plants, but after seeing what quickly builds up on the tank, I switched to a dedicated RO system.
It’s possible some mold/bacteria developed in the tank and then was atomized onto that plant by the humidifier, but I don’t see how it would only affect on plant if it was that deadly.

Have you checked closely for pests, or things burrowing into the plant?

During the day I’m running humidifier with lights on…
At night the dehumidifier comes on after humidifier is off…both on timers. Soil is moist but as far as I can tell not saturated. Almost never have any run off onto tent floor and if some does come out it’s quickly wicked back up. Most I’ve ever watered them at a time was maybe 4 gallons with no run out (over several hours) and in a 45 gallon pot that’s not unreasonable I think anyway. With the ground cover and mulch it doesn’t dry out very fast. I’ve moved the mulch away from the BD hoping to help dry things out a little quicker.

Environment is in check. I noticed the droop on Friday and looked like she was getting thirsty. I did just received my order of recharge (never used it before) so on Saturday I mixed some up and fed her and several other plants that looked like they needed a recharge and all others are doing fine…better actually.
Currently this is the only plant this is happening too of the 12 in that tent as well as the 10 in the other tent and the 10 clones which I also used some recharge mix on…not all but many.
My previous plants that did this were different strains from now and each one was different strains then. Back then I had just watered them using Alaskan fish fert 5-1-1 and thought maybe that had gone bad…haven’t used it since so maybe that wasn’t it?
Definitely (nothing’s absolute) a root issue…bad nematodes
This was the biggest of the three in that pot so if anything would have thought it would strangle the other 2 but ya never know…should maybe grow in glass containers so I can see the roots lol like a glass boat looking at the fish.
Just hope whatever is going on doesn’t migrate to the other two…may leave that in in there and use it as bait or whatever…I don’t know


Yet another reason not to put more than 1 plant in a container


Yea I see the brown stuff in the dehumidifier tank too and thought about that too. I do use RO with tap 10:1 mix in a 32 gallon brute to refill but was recently reusing the dehumidifier water. I’ll stop that and do what I did before but yea it’s weird that this is the only one and that it happened so fast…like 12 hours fast or faster.

I’ll take another look for pests etc…do have a couple fungus gnats from time to time but nothing near infestation levels. I’ll toss a cut potato on top and see but I did treat awhile back with beneficial nematodes specific to control gnat larvae.

The roots the roots the roots are on fire… :fire:


Considering it hasn’t effected other strains, maybe it’s a weak strain?
I know I’m a total noob, if fact, I wouldn’t even listen to me, but, ever since @Budbrother warned me about the FF, and the high iron content, I top fed with, I’ve been on the watch for Iron def/exc that looks pretty similar, thoughts @Budbrother?

Which is ironic, because, mine seem to be displaying these symptoms?!

Just my thoughts…


Dehumidifier water has little or no o2 in some cases. Try stopping thay, it might be at least part of the issue.

Here’s a refresh of the timeline and pics.
This happened in a 12 hour span of time so it’s not a deficiency or the usual things that we run into but something quick and catastrophic. It must be in the roots because that’s where the magic happens as well as this type of thing is all I can come up with. Wish I had an answer but as of now I am clueless. First sign is one or two tops starting to lose rigidity and slightly flop over like you might see when doing some training. And in a matter of hours the rest of the plant follow. Corona has nothing on whatever this is as far as the speed at which it occurs. Hope others can at least be aware of this issue if it happens to them and maybe someday we can come to a definitive answer at least as to the cause and maybe a course of action to turn them around.

And here is today lights on March 31st

I want to thank everyone that has offered suggestions and possibilities etc all are welcome no matter what they are because ya just never know when that one hits the nail on the head…
This shit happens fast like a car crash and not slow like a…like a…well I can’t think of one atm lol

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Sorry man :triumph: I can’t like this!!!

Hit that pot with a tea to help combat any bad microbes or pathogens.