Help dying Blue Dream any thoughts as I’m stumped

On my last grow cycle, I had to pull one of my Blue Dreams since she was being crushed and then was forced to grow up the wall in the corner.

It was as limp as a wet noodle. Turned her into edibles. Conclusion…she didn’t get enough light to help strengthen the branches.

Don’t think this is the case with you. Another Blue Dream had clawed leaves for the whole grow cycle. I did it all and it just never responded. It still produced 96 grams dry and cured.

My Toilet Bowl Seed Grow. :+1:


Just my 2 cents, but Blue Dream is Blue Berry + Haze 1 or for ILGM Blue Berry + Super Silver Haze.

Blue berry is a fussy strain prone to adversely responding to nutrients if too strong. It could be the Blue Berry half didn’t like the the new “recharge,” but the other strains were fine with it.
Definitely a bad idea to put different strains in the same pot IMHO. Different strains in the same tent can even be a challenge dealing with environment.

Thanks for the reply. The recharge was applied after she started getting “the look”
I would really like to know the entire ingredients in recharge and not just the bacterial count and Mycho and amino acids. Supposedly from their web site FAQ’s you can’t overdoes on it…lol
I’ve read it supplies a small amount of N but don’t know what that make up is. Could have been the recharge but all the other plants including other BD’s one in another 45 gal with 2 others same as the dying one and no issues? Fed that mix to multiple plants and no issues other than greening up a bit.
Anyone have additional details on the make up of recharge besides what they show on container or web site please let me know.

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With 3 plants in the same fabric pot it makes me wonder if it struggling due to the other two plants in it.

I’ve had root bound plants before and they looked about what this BD looks.

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True, but he had plants in their own containers die the same way.

Thanks for the thoughts…looking for all I can get

45 gallon pots ~ 35-40 gallons of soil in them.
It was the biggest of the three
It happened in less than 12 hours…
Could be but I’m still leaning towards root critters…
Ya never know…at least I don’t …lol


My opinion as a biologist, not specific to cannabis. The other two plants (being a weed type plant), have root bound and are choking out that plant. Plants will actually grow and fight with one another for resources. If two of them are much closer in strain than that third, it is possible they recognize one another and not that third bush, causing them to choke her out. These plants behave just like weeds in your yard. They are designed to steal nutrients, water, and other resources from other plants to survive. So, biologicaly speaking, if nothing else seems to be the issue, it’s probably as simple as that. Those are my $.02. Now you should almost have a dollar. lmao…


I bet if you look at the root ball and larger root fingers after you cut them down, you will see one of your girls, or both, have strangled the root ball or major fingers to that plant. One more possibility, yet slight, a virus is killing your root system of only certain strains. Some strains naturally produce protective measures against some root virus’ and you may have a few strains that are still susceptible. So you might need a full scrub down of your pots and grow stuff man… That would be the worst-case scenario IMO…

Damn Skydiver. I didn’t realize it was so dire.

I sure hope @TokerGuy is wrong as I have 18 plants in a 2x4 bed.

I get that process in nature and makes total sense but nature normally happens over time and this occurred from being a visually very healthy plant (biggest of the 3 in there by far) to a drooping mess in a matter of 12 hours…just can’t wrap my mind around that scenario happening that fast.

Dire Straights baby
Get your money for nothin and your chicks for free

@AAA are they all the same strain in your box?


Virus would hit that quick… but who really knows in the end…

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That was my initial thought, but he’s had plants die similarly in their own pot.
It is interesting, (sorry Im sure @Skydiver doesnt think so). I’ll be curious to see the roots when theyre all done.



Best to look really really closely at that dead plant.


I cut some of the big branches off earlier and put it under my 250x scope and didn’t see anything. Looked at stems…cut portion and leaves…
Will do some more teas to help.
Hopefully it stays with that one plant roots…time will tell


2 different strains, 5 different phenos.

I know the explanation of the 2 plants killed the one is believable, but I very much doubt it. I’ve grown multiple strains in the same pots before, they compete but not to the death.

Was your previous issue a multi plant per pot?

I’ve planted

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I know right,I was thinking

Previous time this happened they were in 1 gal pots growing up.
Diff strains.
It may be a “fight to the death” but in real slow motion and not in 12 hours is my thinking.
It is all about the speed at which it came.
It’s been suggested on GN that it may have been Fusarium wilt. Or a virus.
All I know is whatever it is it’s fast and complete in its action.

More than 1 plant per pot…well I guess my raised garden bed will only have 1 plant!
I don’t understand where all this concern/resistance comes from about having more than 1 plant in a container. I get the posters thought processes but based on how nature works I’m not buying the red flags being thrown out…as long as your not stuffing 3 plants in a 7 gallon container and growing for a long time. They may compete but they aren’t using chain saws to take out the competition.

This was fast and furious stuff just not sure what.
Again I could be wrong and I’ll be fine with that if I am.

Thanks again for the replies and I’m in no way trying to disrespect anyones opinions just sharing mine. It could be a % factor in this developing as usually things that go bad involve more than one negative parameter for it to occur. Rule of 3 or whatever that is


The speed is a clue for sure. Must be a disease/virus. Very wild indeed.

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If it’s a virus, after you finish out this round, I would focus on strains that did well and survived in the same pot for another 6 months after you scrub down your pots/tent. Six months is just my suggestion. Not knowing what type of virus or pathogen effects the waiting period for me as some pathogens can survive in the dirt a while. Those strains may contain the necessary components that kill off this virus around the plant or in the plant itself. Some strains are much stronger when it comes to pathogens and virus defense, based on their genetic make up. For example, If a plant is high in Pinene or Caryophyllene, or especially both, they will have a better chance at these protections. This was just one example. Other components of the plant also effect how it responds to a virus. Good thing is, if it’s viral, it seems to be specific to certain strains which means you can grow those it doesn’t effect in the meantime. But be careful, a plant can be a carrier of the virus without showing any negative signs.

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I was thinking about chamomile tea but that would kill the good fungus too. I’m just going to watch and learnn. Kinda starting to re-think my plan of putting 3 girls in a 15 gallon…3 different strains. I could stick with my original plan of 7 gallon on each girl :thinking::woman_shrugging: well good luck I really hope you get to the bottom of it :v::green_heart: