Help deciding on lighting

Im stuck deciding between these two.

Ion S33 240 watt @ £280 -VS- Ion Evo4 300 watt @ £390

2×4 closet grow, maybe a little more space and more than enough height. I have enough additional lighting to bring me up somewhere in the 400watt region with either of these for one or maybe two plants.

Both claim lm301h diodes. Im just wondering if the extra 60 watts is worth the extra cash.

Thanks in advance!

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Tending toward more wattage is always a good thing, but I’m not sure it is worth that much of a price difference. The EVO version of the LM301h isn’t really all that much of a leap in efficiency. They certainly aren’t worth the price difference here.


Thanks for the input!

I’d go with the higher power, but if you have additional lighting then check the qty of the LEDs and go with more. I find the bar style cool better but the board style can add a heat sink for improved cooling. The room size makes the bar light not fit?

Yes its possible the bar wouldnt fit, havent measured yet, but the heat thing could be an issue.

Ill probably just go with the 240, at least if its half decent its not too heartbreaking to buy a second

Actually Vivosun is having a 50% off sale on their website. Good deals.

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I like the evo4. Bar style. Will run cooler. Good coverage for your area. I also suggest just doing 1 photo. Auto are great but 1 photo under 1 light in smaller space is easy peasy. Veg till feel she will fill it and flip. Can yield more from 1 photo in there than 2 auto for sure. Also easier to manage issues. Just my thoughts.

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Yup went with the evo04 (and a few other goodies lol)… and im running with two early photos until it arrives, whichever one is lookig nicer gets the priority and ill decide what to do with the runt, maybe ill get a cheap €100 light in a tighter space and compare for the hell of it.

Thanks for the input dude

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Np and hope your grow goes smooth. Let us know how you like the light. Always good to have hands on info up here over online reviews.

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If I had the only those two choices the EVO 4.
I like the sp3000 from Mars hydro I’ve been using that for quite some time best bang for your dollar I also have 2x4 tents. I like that I can remove the transformer and leave it outside the tent to keep more accurate tent temperatures.
All my ventilation is AC Infinity so I don’t think you’re going to go that wrong with that brand. Good luck and let us know what you get and how it is.


Agreed, but wish the ACI Pro 69 could control it :rofl:…I don’t turn it up past 80% and I get a couple grams from autos per watt of that. Here’s two @ 50 and 43 days above soil under one:


Alright so ive had the Evo04 running just shy of a week now.

Thing is built extremely well, ive only seen a handful of lights in person but in terms of build the quality far exceeds. Extremely sturdy i feel it could definitely take a hefty bump or two, fingers crossed wont ever find out.

Contoller is nice and a straightforward setup, you get a good extension lead with it and the driver too, both very long, i could probably put them anywhere in the room really. Rig for driver, ropes and ratchets all excellent quality too. The whole things weighs about 3kg maybe more, heavy enough to feel good but easy enough to move around and silent too.

It took my grow area up about 3degrees (C). I have the driver outside the grow but it might add 1 more but its minimal heat off it.

Took the plants a second to adjust as they were under minimum lighting beforehand, so the initial leaves paled a bit, but after a day or two lots of new foilage luscious green.

It fit in my area with 2cm space leftover so it was meant to be lol.

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